Park City/Utah (USA). With pure sunshine and spring temperatures today’s eighth Snowboard Cross of the 1999/2000 NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup was carried out at perfect conditions.

More than 5,000 people watched Canada’s Jasey Jay Anderson and Sandra Farmand from Germany claim their second World Cup wins this season.

The conditions at Park City Mountain Resort could not have been any better. The race was held on “Clementine”, next to the slope for the Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Given snowfall had made it to the resort with quite a delay and the amount in the lower areas could have been better, the organising committee however managed to set a good course. Jasey Jay Anderson from Canada looked like he really wanted it today and might have had last week’s win in Giant Slalom in mind still.

Having finished first in the qualification this morning he made his way all the way through the finals. Facing his teammate Mathieu Morency, Pontus Stahlkloo from Sweden and Germany’s Markus Ebner in the final heat, the Canadian took the hole shot and never let off the throttle to win his first-ever gold in a Snowboard Cross.

“I’ve been riding good all year and just had a lot of bad luck,” Anderson said, “it just came together her, luck was on my side. It was such a beautiful day and I took advantage of that, filled some of the sun’s energy into my ride. The course was a fast one and those who used an alpine board like myself definitely had the advantage on this course. It was just perfect for me, I couldn’t ask for a better course.”

Morency made it to the podium for the first time in his career was right behind Anderson. “I’m so happy, I couldn’t ask for more,” the Canadian said, smiling. “I wasn’t sure about my skills on this course but it did always fit me better the further I advanced. It was just great.”

Stahlkloo went in third place. “I don’t know what happened,” he said, “I probably relaxed a bit too much. I was clearly second with a big gap behind me but I just lost my heal edge and spon around in the wrong place. I just got to blame myself for that one.” Ebner ended up fourth.

Stahlkloo keeps the lead in the Snowboard Cross World Cup ahead of Zeke Steggall from Down Under, who had badly crashed three days ago and stated: “I’d better stayed in bed today.” NOKIA World Team rider Guillaume Nantermod from Switzerland who finished sixth place is in third overall now.

Sandra Farmand got the German team its second-ever Snowboard Cross gold after her success just three weeks ago in Italy. “I’m really happy, especially because I didn’t feel that well today,” she said, “but it looks like I am always doing better then. Everyone said that this was a course for alpine snowboarding but I choose my freestyle board which is pretty long (163 cm) since I felt better on it and it worked well. With the prizemoney I’ll be out shopping in the outlets next to our hotel now.”

Austrian Manuela Riegler finished second. “I was so nervous today and I don’t know why,” she said, “and all four were pretty close in the last heat and when we kind of all stopped I kept chasing Sandra. I should have taken my revenge for last time when she one and I got second but I’m fine with second. It has been so much fun with all those people, the nice weather plus the course had become much softer compared to this morning.”

Italy’s Carmen Ranigler got third ahead of reigning SBX World Champion Julie Pomagalski.With today’s win Farmand also claimed the yellow leader bib, Ranigler keeps second place ahead of Marie Laissus from France who did not compete due to an injury of her ankle in yesterday’s training.


1 Anderson, Jasey Jay CAN 1000
2 Morency, Mathieu CAN 800
3 Stahlkloo, Pontus SWE 600
4 Ebner, Markus GER 500
5 Steggall, Zeke AUS 450
6 Nantermod, Guillaume SUI 400
7 Pogue, Anton USA 360
8 Wainwright, Ben CAN 320

After Quarter Final
99 Mclain, Travis USA 43.36 290
10 Sterner, Magnus SWE 44.26 260
11 Blanc, Fabrice FRA 44.40 240
12 Idesheim, Maxence FRA 44.60 220
13 Vastamäki, Joni FIN 44.86 200
14 Kildevaeld, Mike DAN 45.31 180
15 Jonsson, Marcus SWE 45.48 160
16 Brandon, Stiegg USA 45.60 150

After 1/8 Final
17 Wescott, Seth USA 42.36 140
18 Chalmers, Darren CAN 43.96 130
19 Mosiman, Christian USA 44.11 120
20 Howe, Glenn NZE 44.46 110
21 Macomber, Pete USA 44.63 100
22 O’Connor, Matthew USA 44.67 90
23 Duclos, Sylvian FRA 44.86 80
24 Prommegger, Andreas AUT 45.02 70
25 Watanabe, Graham USA 45.57 60
25 Ebenbauer, Werner AUT 45.57 60
27 Sammer, Klaus AUT 45.78 45
28 Biveson, Daniel SWE 45.80 40
29 Smith, Jason R. USA 45.81 36
29 Laurence, Jonathan USA 45.81 36
31 Hicks, Andy USA 47.00 28
32 Dorval, Felix Antoine CAN 47.04 26

Not in Final33 Smith, Adam N USA 47.61 24
34 Blagys, Kevin USA 47.79 22
35 Janbroers, Mark NED 47.84 20
36 Bower, Ricky USA 47.89 18
37 Moruzzi, Riccardo BRA 48.07 16
38 Costa, Alvaro CHI 48.24 14
39 Imboden, Yann SUI 49.96 12
39 Nuuttila, Mikko FIN 49.96 12
41 Tippie, Brett CAN 50.88 10
42 Boud, Ben USA 52.02 9
43 Ruess, John R USA 52.66 8
44 Ruess, Jay J. USA 55.15 7

49 1115791 Feichter, Walter ITA

38 Ligonnet, Thomas FRA
53 Sterner, Fredrik SWE
60 Hall, Cooper USA
64 Warren, Eric USA
68 Giblin, Garret USA
73 Altmaier, Gordon F USA
77 Price, Ian USA
79 Mina, Jondre PHI

1 Farmand, Sandra GER 1000
2 Riegler, Manuela AUT 800
3 Ranigler, Carmen ITA 600
4 Pomagalski, Julie FRA 500
5 Fingerlos, Ursula AUT 4506 Zell, Julie USA 400
7 Fletcher, Kate M USA 360
8 Riegler, Claudia AUT 320

After Quarter Final
9 Foster, Gwen USA 49.37 290
10 Schlegel, Nina AUT 49.68 260
10 Johnson, Amy USA 49.68 260
12 Tible, Aurelie FRA 50.40 220
13 Fletcher, Beth A USA 50.74 200
14 Vallee, Dominique CAN 51.28 180
15 Pescosta, Alessandra ITA 51.31 160
16 Barclay, Melissa CAN 51.69 150

Not in Final
17 Ott, Lynn USA 51.78 140
18 Hunt, Michelle USA 51.81 130
19 Desmares, Nathalie FRA 52.33 120
20 Rose, Autumn USA 53.11 110
21 Cetera, Clair USA 53.39 100

22 Skehan, Griselda USA 55.62 90
23 O’Connor, Lee NZE 55.67 80
24 Kunkel, Carolyn USA 57.16 70

43 Parker, Suzy NZE

39 Brown, Jenny USA

18 Warner, Paige K USA
30 Laissus, Marie FRA
32 Glazier, Lori CAN
45 Nelson, Rachel USA
TD: Krogoll, Peter, GER 2004