Analog Wants Your Skate Wheels!


Irvine, California (April 5th, 2011) WE NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN! To collect used skate wheels needed for the Analog Wheel Wash Program. This program has been so successful that we are in need of a new batch of your used skate wheels! Analog is asking you to tell your shops, hit up friends, and friends of friends to send us your used skate wheels! We are giving away our custom made Analog Wheel Contributor Tee to the first 300 people who send us their used wheels, be sure to include: T-shirt size (L or XL) and return address (U.S only). Whoever sends us the most wheels in one package by April 15th will win a set of the Analog Wheel Wash denim in three styles for Spring 2011; Arto, Dylan and Remer denim. (Make sure to send your denim size along with your return address.)

Send wheels to:
Analog Wheel Wash
8659 Research Drive
Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618

Yes, actual skate wheels are used in this process to soften and fade the denim giving our premium fabrics a unique soft hand feel and finish. These re-purposed skate wheels are used as a substitution for stones. Stones are coarse and abrasive; they take the surface of the denim down. These re-purposed used wheels are abrasive in their own way- the urethane has a unique quality to it that provides an ultra soft hand feel, it’s not quite as dry as just stones.

Coloration isn’t really determined by wheels or stones, as there are other wet and dry processes that affect that. The Analog Wheel Wash is about achieving a great hand feel and complementing it with the other wash processes to achieve great color and detail.

“Our denim has always been grounded in skate. Jason [Bleick] and I were talking about what we could do from a fabric / wash standpoint that would resonate and tie back into skating. We threw some ideas around about what we could add into the wash process and used wheels seemed to be a natural extension. ” -Joey Jorgensen, Design Director, Analog Clothing

Analog is offering the new wheel wash variation in threestyles for Spring 2011; Arto, Dylan and Remer denim. Prices range: $75, $75, $68, respectively. You can also find a sublimated print of the exact skate wheels used in the wash cycle on our Urethane boardshort in the Spring 2011 PLA collection.