Analog Releases Wheel-Wash Denim

Irvine, California (December 21st, 2010) Analog is introducing a new wash in their Spring 2011 denim collection-The Wheel Wash. Yes, actual skate wheels are used in this process to soften and fade the denim. These skate wheels are used as a substitution for stones that traditionally wash and break down the denim in the wet processing cycle.


“Our denim has always been grounded in skate. Jason [Bleick] and I were talking about what we could do from a fabric / wash standpoint that would resonate and tie back into skating. We threw some ideas around about what we could add into the wash process and used wheels seemed to be a natural extension. ” -Joey Jorgensen, Design Director, Analog Clothing
The difference between the stones and wheels can be felt in the denim-the stones break down the denim, while the wheels act as a softener and add a smooth, cool hand feel to the jeans. It feels like they have a light coating on them.


To collect the used wheels needed for this project, Analog went to local shops, hit up friends, and friends of friends and held a giveaway Tee shirt contest on the website and social networking sites to collect enough wheels for the job. In total we ended up with about 250 used wheels and gave away 250 tee shirts.

Analog is offering the new wheel wash variation in three styles; Arto, Dylan and Remer denim. Prices range: $75, $75, $68, respectively. You can also find a sublimated print of the exact skate wheels used in the wash cycle on our Urethane boardshort in the Spring 2011 PLA collection.