PORTLAND. OR (June 12, 2009)– From the ranks of the Am Jam, competitor Scott Hoffman spun and slid his way into first place of the Pro finals at the 12th Annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe rail jam competition at Windell's Snowboard camp.  Guest Announcer Scotty Arnold kept the crowd hyped and called out tricks while the battle raged on under sunny skies, the smell of hot dogs and sunscreen wafting through the air.

Windell's digger Scott Hoffman made his presence known to judges Jarad Hadi, Tyler Verigin, Nick Dirks and Kevin Stevensen from the beginning of the Am Jam, landing tech tricks throughout the day.  He consistently set the bar in the Men's pro final, which consisted of a game of HAM—formatted in the same manner as a game of skate.

Scott walked away with the $500 first place prize, and called the day "the funnest day of my life."

DJ Matty Mo Moriarty gave him a run for his money throughout much of the event, coming in second place at the final hour, followed by Jeremiah Pacquette in 3rd.

Former Pipe to Pipe Am Champ, Sawyer Deen nailed the best trick of the day, a nollie hardway backside 270 to 270 out before getting nailed by the down rail and coughing up some blood.  He recovered in time to show the crowd he can hold his own in the Pro skate contest.

The Am men lapped the smooth double rail set up quickly thanks to Windell's new rope tow.  Energy saved meant more time to drop hammers. Dylan Dragotta came in 1st, followed by Sam Spiteri and local high schooler Kenny Srofe took 3rd.

For the lady pro's, Laura Rogoski earned first place and $500 along with a ton of gear from event sponsors, and a 4th place finish overall in the Am Skate event. Paige Rainer followed in 2nd and Raelynd Tarnove took home the honors of third place and Best Trick, each worth 100 bucks.

The lady Ams were full of heart and milked out more runs than anyone.  First place went to Kelly Underwood.  Angela Jones took second and Meiling Huang came in third.

The Pro skate event was jam packed with talent and action.  Pipe to Pipe regular James McCoy wowed the crowd with tricks like a big spin frontside air and a "rodeo donkey kick" that earned him $100 for first place.

But it was cross-country road tripper Robin Stoddard who stole the show and the first place prize of $500.  Locals Ryan Linderman and Willis Kimball came in second and third respectively.

Fifteen-year-old Westin Rinker almost didn't sign up for the comp when he saw the wide range of ages skating the course.  After a little encouragement at the registration booth, he skated his way to first place in the Am event. Kent Callister followed in 2nd and Garret St. Pierre took third.

Event sponsors Bonfire Snowboarding, Windell's, Skullcandy, Red Bull, Scion, Timberline, Salomon Snowboards, Pom Pom, Magical Go Go, shralp.com and the Art Institute of Portland, worked together to bring Pros and Ams together at Mt. Hood for the best summer snowboarding days of the year.

The next installment of the longest running contest on Mt. Hood takes place July 11th.  More info available at www.bonfiresnow.com, www.myspace.com/bonfiresnow, and www.facebook.com.