Ambiguous News

The Chico premier of BozWreck and Chronicles of Gnarlia took place last week. Ambiguous was there along with Eric Messier, Layne Knaack, Jeremy Grendahl, and the entire Chico snowboard community. I didn’t take any photos because I was so wasted I passed out behind the bar, but Jon F. snapped this shot of Messier:

After the premier Eric traveled through Sacramento, the bay area, and Tahoe for a promo tour with Ambig. In Tahoe they were joined by teammate Cory Cronk for the Boreal 2nd Annual Jibassic Pro. Trouble.

Travis Kennedy just finished traveling around the premier circuit of “THAT” movie with Forum, while Darrell Mathes is back in Portland after visiting cities across America with Mack Dawgs new movie “Follow Me Around. You can find Darrell’s mug all over the pages of the new Snowboard Mag in the kits section.Tim Eddy was lucky enough to experience a nice big earthquake a few weeks ago when he was visiting Maui on vacation with his family. When the 6.6 hit, it threw him straight out of bed to the floor and he thought the hotel was falling down on his head. How funny.

Shane Flood is planning to sell his current house in Portland and buy another closer to Matt and Nicole Kass.

After browsing MySpace during a lull at work, I’ve come to find out there is more than one Corey Smith in this world. Luckily the Corey Smith we know and love is still, officially, THE BEST Corey Smith out there.

Why? Not only does Corey continue to grow his notoriety as a talented artist with his next show “Children of the Revolution, he will be filming with Capita this winter AND playing with his newly formed band, Death Valley.Here’s a picture:

According to, the band is “hellbent on bringing on a rock’n’roll blitzkrieg the likes of which cannot be described! Write them a MySpace comment and tell them to bring the tour to a dive near you.

That’s the news for now. stay classy san diego.