Ambiguous Christmas Party, And Stuff

The Ambiguous Christmas Party is right around the corner -- Monday, December 12th. DJ Haul and Mason is headlining, with bands Billionaire Boys Club and Stellar opening. If you’re in the know, get there early as the line for free drinks will be a long one.

With the local mountains just open, if you were able to ride Mtn. High, Snow Summit or Bear Mountain for their respective opening days this week you most likely caught a glimpse of Nima Jalali, Cory Cronk, and Chris Bradshaw making the most of the blown snow here in Southern California. More fun then sitting on the couch watching the Real World marathon like me.

I e-mailed Bradshaw to see what was up, but he spilt a drink on his computer and couldn’t write me back. When I called him to see what he was doing, he was busy swindling money from a group of teenagers by schooling them in the game of miniature golf. He said something about heading off to the East where they are expecting a ton of snow to dump any day now.

Corey Smith has found time to open a new gallery space in Portland with a group of local artists and friends. The Rake Gallery opened its doors for the first time last night, December 1st. Corey had three new paintings in the show – let’s hope they all sold so he can fly down and attend our Christmas Party. And in his time away from the art studio, Corey’s been riding Mt Hood Meadows and hogging up all the snow while those of us in the lower states starve.

Travis Kennedy got out of dodge and hightailed it to Colorado where he’s been sledding and hittin pow. “I got 4 pow dayz in a row, so shits good round here. I’m heading out to Utah SLC for a couple dayz then back to Mammoth grab all my gear and shoot to Truckee to move into my new house. Get that house party-proof Travis, cause the Ambig crew’s rip-roaring ready to come up to Tahoe and wreck shop.

Ambiguous Marketing Director, Jon Francis recently spent time with good friend and Yellowcard singer Ryan Key, when Yellowcard recently played a show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim – which sold out in a record time of 8 minutes! The show was their last stop of the US Tour before the new CD releases January 15th and they leave for their World Tour.

And if you happen to be up at 1:35 tonight looking for a good program on television, turn to Last Call with Carson Daly on NBC where Lapush, New York band and friend of Ambiguous will be performing.

See ya!