Alpine Meadows Triple Air Results

Alpine sender. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Alpine sender. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Alpine Meadows Take The Lake Triple Air Open
Drew Top Snowboarders, Winners Awarded $12,000 Purse

Lake Tahoe, CA -Take The Lake Triple Air Open competitors vied for the podium by showing off their best tricks and perfect airs this weekend at Alpine Meadows.

Sam Hulbert, of Peterborough, New Hampshire took third place in the snowboard division with a Cab 7, Switch Back 9, and a Front 10; Seth Hill of Boulder, Colorado placed second showing the judges a perfect Cab 7, Switch Back 9, and a Backside 10; and Danny Toumarkine of Conway, New Hampshire grabbed the gold with a Back 9, Switch Back 9, and a huge Front 10.

In the ski division, South Lake Tahoe’s Jason Arens landed in third place with a Rodeo 5 Liu Kang; Truckee’s Davis Souza took second place with a Right 5; Switch Left 7; and a Switch Dub Cork 10; and Reno, Nevada’s Matt Nelson took the top spot with a Rodeo 5 Liu Kang; Switch 7; and a
Switch Dub Ro 9.

Winners took to the podium on the Alpine Meadows Sun Deck under perfect blue skies, showered the packed audience with a celebratory 40-ounce beverage, and walked with $4000 cash. Second place finishers left $1200 richer and third place finishers pocketed $800.

A first-of-a-kind contest within the Tahoe area, the Alpine Meadows Take The Lake Triple Air Open drew top amateurs and professional talent from around the globe. Renowned judges (Shawn Carney, Tom Zikas, Giom Morissett, Evan Raps, and Mike LaRoche) sat above a sea of spectators who watched as athletes soared over them during Friday’s qualifying rounds and Saturday’s championships.

Alpine Meadows sends a huge thank-you to event consultant, Jen Kotter; and mountain and event partners – Moment Skis, Bern Helmets, and Chevrolet.

Ranked as a top winter resort by SKI Magazine, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is situated in the picturesque Tahoe National Forest and offers skiers and snowboarders 2,400 acres of terrain. With 14 lifts, more than 100 trails, and majestic views of Lake Tahoe, Alpine Meadows is accessed via Interstate 80, 45 miles west of Reno, NV and 200 miles east of San Francisco, CA. Alpine Meadows’ parent company is San Francisco, California based JMA Ventures, LLC. JMA is a full service real estate investment firm, serving as managing member of over $500 million in existing projects. Visit or call 530-583-4232 for more information about Alpine Meadows.