All-New Cool Boarders 4 Goes Big

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–Oct. 25, 1999– 989 Studios(TM), makers of the best-selling Cool Boarders(R) snowboarding videogame series, announced today that Cool Boarders(R) 4 will be available for the PlayStation(R) game console tomorrow. With the involvement of 16 world-famous pro snowboarders, nine major snowboard manufacturers, countless realistic maneuvers and fast arcade-style gameplay, Cool Boarders 4 is setting the standard for real snowboarding action in a videogame.

In Cool Boarders 4, gamers can ride like the pros with the inclusion of more professional riders than any other snowboarding videogame on the market. Gamers can emulate the moves of 16 snowboarding professionals, including Jim Rippey, Ross Powers and 13-year-old phenomenon Shaun White from Burton(R), as well as J.P. Walker from Forum(R) and Michele Taggart from Salomon(R).

“Each year, the Cool Boarders development team dramatically improves upon the previous installment. This year, they’ll deliver the most intense and fun-playing arcade-style snowboarding videogame ever,” said Jeffrey Fox, vice president, marketing, 989 Studios. “By involving numerous world-class riders in this year’s game, Cool Boarders 4 will be the best-playing snowboarding videogame to hit the PlayStation. Game players, snowboarders and snowboarding enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with Cool Boarders 4’s incredibly realistic graphics, fast gameplay and all-new moves and features.”

With a newly-advanced 3D game engine, Cool Boarders 4 adds many new features, which let the player experience the true feeling of snowboarding. The new “Trickmaster Mode” gives riders the opportunity to learn and perfect their own tricks on long downhill courses filled with jump after jump. “Multiplayer Tournament Mode” lets gamers challenge their friends on any event to see who can nail the best tricks and make it downhill first.

Riders can choose from nine authentic snowboard manufacturers, featuring more than 30 boards from Burton, K2(R), MLY(TM), M3(TM), Morrow(R), Ride(R), Salomon, Forum and Santa Cruz(R). Each board is based on its actual performance ratings. Players can also create custom snowboards as well as customize riders and change their body style and clothing.

In addition to the Downhill, Half Pipe, Slope Style, CBX and Big Air events, Cool Boarders 4 offers new “Special Events” on each mountain for the ultimate snowboarding challenge. Riders can bust into fresh powder of varying depths and maneuver through tight courses, knock down snowmen on a challenging downhill or outrun an avalanche.

Cool Boarders 4 features Burton pro rider Jim Rippey on the package.

Cool Boarders 4 Key Features:

— One player, two-player or four-player mode

— State-of-the-art enhanced 3D game engine featuring polygonal

characters, unprecedented courses and real-time rendering

providing the most realistic and entertaining snowboarding


— Hundreds of snowboarding tricks including hand plants, Stalefish

Tweaks and Method-Melons

— Sixteen professional snowboarders, including: Jim Rippey/Burton, Shaun White/Burton, Ross Powers/Burton, Chris Engelsman/K2, Michele Taggart/Salomon, Chad Otterstrom/M3, Andrew

Crawford/Morrow, Noah Salasnek/MLY, Jimmy Halopoff/MLY, Brian

Savard/K2, Jason Brown/Burton, Jennie Waara/Ride, Tricia

Byrnes/K2, Darren Cingel/Santa Cruz, Natasza Zurek/Burton and


— Dozens of authentic snowboards from nine major snowboard

manufacturers: Burton, K2, Salomon, MLY, Forum, Ride, Morrow, Santa Cruz and M3

— Create custom riders by changing body style and clothing

— Create and customize snowboards by tweaking pattern, color and


— In addition to Downhill, Half Pipe, Slope Style, CBX and Big Air

events, each mountain includes its own “Special Event” to reward

only the most skilled boarders

— New “Trickmaster Mode” teaches players to perfect tricks and ride

like the pros

— All-new replay mode lets gamers slow down, speed up or stop the

replay camera while reviewing the last run

— Five challenging mountains

— New “Multiplayer Tournament Mode” lets the player challenge

his/her friends to see who can nail the best tricks and get down

the hill first

— Authentic in-game partners include Mountain Dew(TM) and Slim

Jim(R) — Designed and developed by Idol Minds, LLC

989 Studios, a Sony Computer Entertainment Group Company, is a wholly-owned division of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. and is the third-largest PlayStation(R) software publisher in North America. Headquartered in Foster City, California, with additional development studios in San Diego and Santa Monica, 989 Studios develops software for the PlayStation game console and online markets. 989 Studios is a recognized leader in the videogame industry, with top franchise titles such as NFL GameDay(TM), Twisted Metal(R), Syphon Filter(TM), Jet Moto(R) and Cool Boarders(R).