Alek Østreng Joins Rome’s Pro Team

Rome is Proud to Announce the Addition of Alex Østreng to their Pro Roster

Things are switching up over at Rome Snowboard's and their latest move announces the addition of Alek Østreng to their stacked team.

"With years of filming full parts, competing in 5-star events and constantly producing online edits with RK1, it's clear that Alek's riding speaks for itself," Rome said about adding Alek to their line-up.

"His stoke for snowboarding is undeniable and shared with his close friends and RK1 members, Len Jørgensen and Ståle Sadbech," they continued.

Alek joins heavy hitters including, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, LNP, Will Lavigne and Jonah Owen.


"We always dreamed about being on the same team and now it's finally happened!" Ståle Sandbech said on being ride-mates with Østreng.

Congrats to Alek and Rome. We look forward to seeing rad things from this partnership.


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