Ale Invite: World Snowboard Tour

Sweden's biggest snowboard competition will now also be a stop on the WST, the nr1 world tour of snowboarding. Ale Invite is thereby confirmed internationally as one of the big tour stops this year. The riders points in Ale Invite will also affect their world ranking position. So brace yourselves for even bigger airs and tricks the 28th February when 20 of the best riders in the world have yet another incentive to perform at their best.

If you are unable to make it and see the competition live and on the big screen in Alebacken, 20 km from Gothenburg, don´t worry. Through our media partners we will send out a live stream so you can follow the whole competition online. But of course, nothing beats the live experience, so if you are able to get here, this is guaranteed not to miss.

Oh yeah, did we mention it´s free entrance to the event?

Some of the craziest snowboarding ever will go down at the Ale Invite and you do not want to miss a second of it! Stream in live or show up to support the riders as they battle their way for ranking. 


New activities for children

Ale Invite is an event for the whole family with activities for all ages. At Christmas it became clear that Burton Riglet Park will be on site throughout the whole day where all 2-6 year olds have the chance to try snowboarding for the first time. For slightly older children, we will build a miniature of the big jump in the kids hill so do not forget to bring your kids' skis and boards Feb 28th. More info about the competition, concert times, parking and how to get here with public transport, will be on our website later on.


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