Akomplice X Hieroglyphics Collab


Akomplice has come together with the legendary Hieroglyphics crew to create a truly unique collaboration, in which both parties do what they do best.


Akomplice has taken their very popular Hooded Varsity silhouette and created a new version that bears both the Akomplice and Hiero logos (Hiero’s logo was voted the third most recognizable logo in music by Rolling Stone magazine). Then Hieroglyphics took it to another level by creating an original track, especially for the project, that will come with the Hooded Varsity jacket. Akomplice and Hiero have been mutual fans of each other for several years now, and it was just a matter of time before both parties came together and created a next-level piece.


This collaborative effort will drop on November 4th, and will only be available at Hieroglyphic’s online store and Akomplice’s online store. However, in celebration of the release, Akomplice and members of Hieroglyphics will host a live release on November 4th at 5pm, where the project will be available for purchase. This will take place at Fuzion’s retail space, located at 1115 State St., Santa Barbara, and will only be available for one day. This is a limited project so it will be sure to sell out.


Also be on the look out for Hieroglyphics members solo releases:
Pep Love “Rigamarole”
Opio “Vulture’s Wisdom Vol 2”
Casual “He Still Think He Raw”
Phesto “Background Check”.