Airhole Ninja Masks

Vancouver, B.C. – Airhole – Ninja Masks You Idiot – Launches in North American and Japan Fall 2007

The Airhole concept is from the twisted minds of Chris Brown and Kale Stephens. It is the most technical concept ever applied on a face mask before. It’s a hole and you breath through it. Sounds simple right? Well it is, you idiot.

“Kale and I were up shredding one day in the backcountry and it was super cold on my face. I had used all kinds of scarves and bandanas before but nothing was ever that comfortable. That’s when I came up with the idea for face masks. The name was formed from clouds of smoke and the slogan came out of Kale’s mouth in the first commercial on the Fury blog @ IS designs’ website. “AIRHOLE: Ninja Masks You Idiot” Out of all of that we got a company on the go”, says co-founder Chris Brown.

We have always been into ninjas growing up and the masks are, well, ninja masks so we decided to go with that theme. They are far superior to anything that you have put on your face before. They have high quality functional materials that will leave you satisfied in cold or sunny situations. They will also look really dope with stylized patterns and ill fits.”

Airholes are available in five different styles, all named after ninja swords and knives, and available in three different colourways: Black Ninja, White Ninja, and Red Ninja. Their team is already heavily stacked: Kale Stephens, Chris Brown, Paavo Tikkanen, Trevor Andrew, Erik Christiansen, Iikka Backstrom, Eero Niemela, Johnny Lyall, Andrew Geeves, Mikey Rencz, Chris Dufficy, and industry veteran Jon Sommers.

Airhole will be available in North America and Japan Fall 2007. Endeavor Snowboards is handling all sales and press enquiries for North America.


Founded by pro snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown, Airholes are face rags for all of your life activities – snowboarding, snowmobiling, concealing your identity. Using innovative functional materials, unique form fitting patterns, and the most ground breaking concept – a hole that you breath through, Airholes are the most innovative product available in the face protection market today.