December 7 2013 sees the return of the most anticipated in-city snowboard event this year! Air & Style combines world class snowboarding and a-list live music acts, a unique combination that makes for a compelling event that's not to be missed!

Air & Style Beijing at the Bird's Nest will start at 4pm, you will witness the best riders in the world battle it out for fame, glory and World Snowboard Tour points.

Tickets are available via 大麦'

Stay up to date online on, and the official Air & Style youku沸雪

Instagram @AirStyleBeijing

Weibo @沸雪单板大赛

The official Air & Style hashtag #airstyle

About Air & Style

The Air & Style Company promotes all Air & Style events and the brand Air & Style.

Since 1993 Air & Style is that spectacular stadium snowboarding competition that also features outstanding live music acts in the greatest stadiums around the world.

The world's best snowboarders compete on a big air course. The winner receives the Ring of Glory, which is one of the most coveted trophies in action sports.