One week of 100% Aesthetiker! That’s what you’ll soon get in Mayrhofen, deep in the Zillertal valley. A Snowboard event, a skate contest, an art exhibition, concerts and parties will make the valley go crazy. The Aestheikers are already working hard in the Vans-Penken-Park to finalise the set up of the obstacles for the Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl. For the freestyle snowboarders it is all about winning the US$ 50.000 prize money. A tough challenge in such a demanding snowpark at the end of the contest season!

The philosophy of the Aesthetiker comes from the roots of the sport – surfing and skating. That’s where they get their inspiration to build such unique snowparks and obstacles. At the Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl it is about defining the most creative and versatile boardrider. The format of the contest demands decisiveness and creativity – not the deliverance of a rehearsed run of tricks. The judges want riders to use every obstacle and two entirely different runs have to be performed.

With a park setup consisting of unique obstacles such as the Red Bull Endsection which features the ‘Cradle’ (an open bowl to ride through) and the ‘Taco’ (a curved wallride), the Waengl Taengl is the ultimate ‘rider’ event, giving the pros a unique environment to show their skills and creativity as riders. US$50.000,- prize money are up for grabs for the finalists including a brand new Suzuki RM-Z-250 motocross bike for the winner!

The Aesthetiker Jam – Waengl Taengl is the last 5(five) star event on the Swatch-TTR world tour. So along with prize money of US$ 50.000, this is also one of the last chances to gather valuable TTR world ranking points and a share of the US$ 250.000,- prize purse on the final TTR world ranking list.

The riders list is close to completion with riders from 20 nations confirmed: veterans such as Martin Cernik, Peter Stroem, Wolle Nyvelt, Danny Wheeler, Tonton Holland and Stefan Gimpl will have a hard session. The ‘spinning squad’ of young Scandinavians Jaakko Ruha, Wille Uotila and Kalle Ohlsen can’t wait to unwrap their bag of tricks. The French crew led by Jean-Jacques Roux and Arthur Longo are coming to show what’s going down in the French territory. Alongside invited riders, more rippers will get a starting spot with wildcards earned at other events, like the 17 years old Thomas Klocker who recently gathered one at the Groms Open.  

Iouri Podladtchikov wants to take part and even Ingemar Backman has announced his attendance at the Ästhetiker Jam, even though he did not ride a contest for the past three years. It will be an honour for all shredders to ride against such a legend. All riders are highly motivated as they get a chance to apply their skills in the world’s best snowpark providing an unforgettable spectacle for spectators. Qualification is between Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th of March followed by the finals on Saturday 8th of March.  

For the Ästhetikers skateboarding is part of life just like everything else. For that reason an outstanding skate contest is happening at the Ästhetiker jam. The 6th and 7th of March is an important date for all skaters. The IOU-Mega-Miniramp will be in on the first floor of the Europahaus in Mayrhofen! This will be an unbelievable experience for skaters and spectators, promising an atmosphere like nowhere else. A contest for everyone in the good old money give away format is scheduled for Thursday from 20:00 to 22:00 hours. The most stylish and craziest moves get rewarded with cash.
The main skate event is on Friday: it is all about a Tag Team skate performance. Two skaters team up to deliver their Tag Team moves. The riders list is international with skaters such as Danny Wainright from England, Micky Iglesias from Switzerland, Samuel Partaix from France or Volker Peterson and Anders Tellen who form team Germany. On top of that, Francisco ‘Xico’ Basabe and Victor Nervy fromm Brazil will come up with a little Caribbean skate flavour. The list goes on with riders like Chris Pfanner, Michi Nadler, Chris Percival and last years winner Phil Schuster. The Skate finals are on Friday from 18:00 to 21:00 hours where it is all about getting hold of the US$10.000 prize money!

Meanwhile distinguished European street artists will bring their visual refinement to the party. Present is Britishman Will Barras and from Austria Chrisi Tee, the Permanent Unit and the Pirate Crew who can all be watched live doing their paintings and graffiti pieces. Besides the Streetart activities in the ‘Europahaus’, live installations and art pieces can be admired at the snowpark on the mountain. On Tuesday the Modart game ‘who killed the Aesthetiker?’ is scheduled in the halfpipe. Well known shredders like Michi Albin or Ingemar Backmann are throwing colour sacks against panels which are then refined by the artists.

On Tuesday night a ‘poetry slam’ will go down in the ‘Reme’ in Schwendau. This concept comes from the culture of Hip Hop and is a platform for Slam MCs – spoken word.   

The parties and gigs change daily, and so do the location and the style of music. The week starts off with the Opening Party and builds up to the Reggae Bashment on Wednesday. A date that no one should forget is the Rebel party in the ‘Europahaus’ on Thursday – a must for everyone!

After the finals of the skate contest, it is time for the Funk Night in the ‘Europahaus’. The Waxolutionists are performing live with 60 Minutes of Funk setting up the groove.  The week culminates on Saturday in an ultimate Hip Hop night like never seen before at an Ä-jam. On stage at the Europahaus, the well-known evergreens from the Austrian underground, Texta and Die Antwort. For the first time the old dogs from the rap game will join the party: ‘Big Shug’ from Gangstarr Foundation and ‘Special Teamz’ from Duckdown Records; from Boston/USA live on stage!

On top of it all the massive supporting program consists of the Vans-Foto-Awards, a photo competition with extra prize money in categories for pros and amateurs. At the ‘FM4 Fight For Your Ride’ on Wednesday it is everyone against Steve Gruber. Challengers can register via video on the FM4 website.

Is that it? Almost. This year, the Waengl Taengl’s snowpark and IOU-Mega-Miniramp will be opened to the public for a few hours every day. Where else can the public give it a try in the contest arena?