(January 18, 2008/South Lake Tahoe) Adaptive Action Sports (AAS), a California based non-profit that champions “action sports as a rehabilitative and social inclusion tool for youth and young adults living with permanent physical disabilities, is proud to announce its presence at the 2008 ESPN Winter X-Games.

In response to an invitation from Team ESPN, AAS will provide a booth at the events and will field three permanently disabled athletes in the games: Zack Brodrick, Bibian Mentel and Thayne Mahler.

Zack will be racing for the second year in the Mono-Ski Cross event at Winter X. Zack was paralyzed at age 16 when an axel fell and crushed him while he was working underneath his truck. When you see him tackling the jumps, berms and speed in the Mono-Cross X, you’ll agree that, though he is confined to a wheelchair, “disabled is a misnomer for this young man.

Thayne Mahler, a single below the knee amputee whose leg was crushed after falling off a 75 foot cliff, will represent AAS while fore-running the Men’s Slope-Style Finals. Thayne has established himself as one of the world’s premier riders and has appeared in Transworld Snowboard Magazine. He has carried sponsors such as Burton and Anon.

“AAS Advocate Bibian Mental, a single below the knee amputee, will showcase her abilities by fore-running the Women’s Halfpipe Finals. Bibian was a top-ranking women’s snowboarder before she lost her leg to cancer. She bounced back immediately after her surgery, and has reclaimed her ranking. Bibian’s enthusiasm for life and her on- slope board skills makes her one to watch.

Adaptive Action Sports has paved the way for adaptive athletes across the globe, helping them to get involved in snowboarding, freestyle skiing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and BMX.AAS is a charitable non-profit organization that relies on the support of individuals. To learn more about the AAS mission, its incredible athletes and how you can help, please visit www.adacs.org or www.myspace.com/adaptiveactionsports. For sponsorship or media inquiries, contact AAS at info@adacs.org or 619-770-0240.