~ Los Angeles, CA ~

Last night an eager crowd gathered at Active Ride Shop in Santa Monica to view the unveiling of the Workshop. The Workshop installation comes as the first of the Work & Progress initiative that Active is planning on implementing in many of their stores throughout Southern California. Both Active and current participating brands Toms, Krochet Kids, Falling Whistles and Obey hope that this initiative will set an example that the Action Sports retail market will choose to replicate.

PHOTO: Angelcast

PHOTO: Angelcast

The Workshop is a space dedicated to educating shoppers, sharing the rich stories of each organization, encouraging bigger and broad community change and creating a deliberate perspective that is both challenging and empowering. As the space was finally revealed to a packed venue, guests were captivated by the presentations from the four brands’ representatives. The event closed with some words from Active’s President Esmail Mawjee who had the attending crowd join hands as he closed his presentation to demonstrate the unity that the initiative was activating.

“Last night was an incredible success. Seeing the final Workshop and watching our shoppers interact with the environment and learn about brands with a cause, far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined.” Esmail reflected. “Last night was a window into nights that are happening all around the country with people that set big goals just like we do. This is all a work in progress and we hope to work and progress towards change”.

For more information about The Workshop visit http://www.activerideshopwnp.com/