By Justin Cobb

As evening approached on Thursday the 25th of October at the newly re-located Active Ride Shop in San Dimas, a crowd of snowboarders and skaters gathered to watch Neil Goss’s new film, simply titled, “One.”

A large outdoor screen was erected as banners went up, music was already blaring from the far corner of the parking lot where DJ E-Lee had his tables set-up and I was stoked on the pint-size pack of groms who were attempting to ollie down the 4-stepper on the far end of the shop. This was only because the BBQ hadn’t been fired-up yet… but as soon as the smell of grill started to float through the air the skating stopped momentarily.

Some of the films athletes, such as Blaise Rosenthal, Chad Otterstrom, Gabe Taylor, and TW SNOWboarding cover boy Matt Hammer mingled through the crowd, the conversations varied but mainly focused on one subject, snow. Daylight savings was only two days away, there’s snow falling and being made and everyone is anxiously waiting for that first day, but for the meantime all those in attendance would have to settle for a sick snowboard film showing off the skills of some of today’s most progressive riders.

With practically no advertising, word of mouth must have been good enough for the Active boys because it was pretty much standing room only by the time the film started. Free product being tossed out to the crowd interrupted the applause as the movie came to its finale and everyone dispersed soon after with daydreams of kinks and kickers! If you’re looking for a good snowboard flick to get amped on before you do some shredding of your own, or if you simply enjoy watching dope snowboarding… check out the new Nemesis Productions video by Neil Goss… it the “One!”