Access Launches New Zealand Camp

Access Camps (formerly known as DVANCE Ltd) has launched a freestyle-onlycamp in New Zealand to compliment their existing road trip camp. “Thefreestyle terrain in New Zealand is of such a high standard nowadays and weget so many campers who are mad for freestyle that we decided to offer anexclusively freestyle camp” says Access founder Alain Chuard.

Based inWanaka, the camps will run for one and two week sessions, and will offersuch extras as heli-boarding, bungy jumping and sky diving. The camp’sterrain includes two superpipes, beginner, intermediate and advanced kickerlines, a huge rail park, a quarterpipe and a wallride. It’s shaped daily bythe shaper who’s responsible for the X-Games terrain, so the quality isworld-class.

When asked why someone should go all the way to New Zealand fora freestyle camp Alain had the following to say: “Apart from the fact thatNew Zealand is one of the most incredible places on earth, it happens tohave winter when the Northern Hemisphere has summer. This means that unlikemost summer camps whose terrain is slushy and wrecked by lunchtime, ours isin good condition all day thus allowing us to offer full days of coachingand riding instead of half days typical of most summer camps.”

Access’s NewZealand camps run throughout the month of August. For more information checkout