Academy’s Scholarship Winner Goes to HCSC


Academy’s Scholarship Winner Goes to HCSC!

In a snowboard culture where hoodlums, gypsies and scallywags tend to get the most attention, it still pays to get an education.  Minnesota’s Trevor Thill got rewarded for staying in school while keeping the shred dream alive by winning this year’s Academy Snowboards Foundation Scholarship with 2 new Academy Snowboards, a check for $612, and a session to High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  Last week he redeemed his session at High Cascade and led the glacial good life for 6-days of snowboard camp. Stoked to take some time off from algebra and trig summer classes, Trevor showed up at Mt. Hood for the first time in his life, ready to have fun and take advantage of High Cascade’s perfect park!

“While on this trip I really remembered why I have loved snowboarding for so long. I just forgot my worries and had fun snowboarding, I can’t even explain the feeling of awesomeness!” explains Trevor.  “I already had a good idea that I wanted to stay involved with snowboarding for the rest of my life, but this trip just reassured it.”

Congrats to Trevor and a big thanks to High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Transworld Snowboarding, and Malakye for sponsoring this year’s Foundation Scholarship.

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