Academy Snowboards ‘Cash For Kids’ Contest Recap


Academy Snowboards ‘Cash For Kids’ Contest Recap
Academy Snowboards “Cash For Kids” contest at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, MN went off on New Year’s Eve!  75 competitors showed up to have fun on a setup creatively envisioned and hand-prepared by Jordan and Jonas Michilot.

The amateur division was thoroughly entertaining as the up-and-comers dialed in some of the most tech and ballsy tricks of the day.  In the end, Garrett McKenzie’s calm style and variety of lines landed him in first place, taking home a new Academy Propaganda Snowboard.

The Girls then took to the course, with Jessica John slightly edging out first place, with flawless back smiths and clean landings, and clinching an Academy board of her own.

The Pro division was mind blowing, with 12 riders advancing to a cash-money round were each landed run was rewarded with a $5, $10, or $20 bill on the spot.  The finals went on for about 25 minutes until all $500 in cash had been dolled out.  The judges crowned Justin Fronius overall winner and awarded him with a $100 cash bonus.


Am Division:
1st: Garrett McKenzie
2nd: Benny Milam
3rd: Matt Chase

Girls Division:
1st: Jessica John
2nd: Samantha Kollasch
3rd: Dana Kim

Pro Division Overall Winner:
Justin Fronius

Thanks to all the competitors that came out, the Mertes demo crew, the Academy Snowboards riders and judges, Ryan Taylor Photography, and the park and maintenance staff at Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area for their hard work.

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