Academy Launches New Website

Academy launches new website.

Academy Snowboard Co. is pleased to announce that they have just launched their new 04-05 website. The new site features over 60 pages with countless buttons and sub-sections so all web heads will be entertained for hours upon hours without ever getting bored.

The Academy site has been a collective effort by all of their team riders, friends, family and Medium Control Design. All of the riders put together their own video clips,trick tips and stories that include team diaries and some hilarious road trip adventures for some chuckles. And once again, they will be featuring the famous “Butter section which is dedicated entirely to buttering your muffin and having fun snowboarding. For the artist in all of us, there is even an art section featuring handmade Academy crafts and paintings by their friends and family. Also, the news section will feature company/industry updates every week so all Academy supporters will always know what’s going on with the Academy Family.

And of course, you can check out their high-end limited quantity board line that are made in the USA and backed with a 2 year warranty. This year they even have shots of each board series’ tools and molds to stress how important it is for their crew to make the best possible snowboards and that ALL of their shapes and design are their own, not some cookie cutter molds that every other company uses. And last, but not least, in their efforts to give back to the shreddin cause, Academy will again be offering their Scholarship program for our fellow “broke-ass snowboarders which you can check out in the projects section.

So if you love snowboarding because it’s so much fun, then go to and enjoy.