Absinthe Releases New Teaser

Absinthe Films Drops 2008 Trailer

Truckee, CA (July 10, 2008)- Absinthe Films did it again, today announcing the release of the teaser for the 2008 film Ready. The new film features grimey lines, real deal shots and questionable decisions by some of today’s heaviest hitters including; Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, Kevin Pearce, MFM, JP Solberg, Romain deMarchi, Scotty Lago, Mikey Leblanc, Jeremy Jones (big mountain),  Annie Boulanger, Keegan Valaika, Matt Beardmore, Matty Ryan, Wolfgang Nyvelt and more.

From pillows to plants, Hostynek, Armbruster and crew untucked the hot with this one, so get that browser over to the Sphere of Influence Tour website, www.sphereofinfluencetour.com to check out the teaser for Absinthe’s newest release. The hydrodam shots and big mountain insanity are not to be missed.

Check the tour schedule too- word is Absinthe throws quite the party!