Updated July 20.

Photographer Jeff Hawe, friend of the Robinson brothers, contributed this photo gallery celebrating Aaron’s life. Below is an updated summary of the events in Chile that led to Aaron’s sudden passing.

By Jeff Hawe

The snowboarding community as a whole has suffered a huge loss. To say that Aaron lived everyday to the fullest is an understatement. He was blessed with a mentality that was unstoppable; with the drive for the resources to make any dream a reality, everything was achievable-that was his mantra. Manifesting his own destiny? Hell, the guy was un-intentionally writing the book on that, all the while touching the lives and leaving positive impressions on countless individuals along the way. He lived with an energetic glow about him that always came across true to what it was-a pure stoke on life.

The question I, and I am sure many others, now find coming from the hole in my heart is Why? Why was an outstanding man taken in his prime? Bad luck? Fate? Higher Plan? We can tear ourselves apart pondering this and we still wont’ ever know. It’s best we simply remember the good times shared. Aaron once half jokingly said to me; “You know I just want to work hard so I can ride for free, and maybe take a couple friends with me every now and again. I don’t need to make it rich, just be able to ride for a long time and ride what I want to ride.” He was motivated by the simple desire to share good rides and times with the people he cared about. His brother Jason, when asked how he’ll remember Aaron said, “He was unlike anyone in the whole world, it’s not a cliché to describe him as one of a kind. His positive energy was infectious and he was always stoked about what he was doing.” The Robinson family simply wishes that Aaron’s spirit and love will live on in the hearts of the those he affected.

A-Rob was and will always be remembered as a snowboarder in the deepest part of his soul. Rest in peace brother, you will be missed forever.

Updated Information About The Accident
The accident took place in the sidecountry terrain of El Colorado ski area outside Santiago around midday. Aaron and a group of friends were taking a run that, according to his brother Jason Robinson, was pretty mellow—just cruising in a group, fun run of sorts. The snowpack is pretty thin there at the moment and Aaron aired a small drop mid run. On landing, he struck a rock just underneath the snow and began tumbling, uncovering more rocks and falling through them. The group was able to get to Aaron quickly and keep him stabilized until ski patrol arrived. He was unconscious when they got to him and never regained consciousness.
He was transported by ski patrol to an ambulance, after which a helicopter flew him to a hospital in Santiago. Aaron was in stable condition when he was loaded onto the helicopter, but passed away mid flight.

Aaron Robinson celebrating his 2011 North Face Masters win at Snowbird. Photo: Phil Wiseman

Aaron Robinson celebrating his win at the 2011 North Face Masters Snowbird. Photo: Will Wissman

Tuesday, July 19: We are crushed to report that pro snowboarder Aaron Robinson has passed away from a head injury sustained while riding in Chile. Aaron had just arrived yesterday and was riding with Blake Paul filming for FunBlock Films when he fell forward and hit a rock. Word had started to spread earlier in the day suggesting that Aaron had been caught in an avalanche, but we confirmed the news through a source with Blake Paul’s parents who had spoken to Blake earlier in the day.

Aaron Robinson, Kirkwood North Face Masters. Photo Terren Gomez

Aaron Robinson, Kirkwood North Face Masters. Photo Terren Gomez

Aaron, originally from Whitefish, Montana, had spent time riding in Chile over the last couple summers and had planned to stay down there through August filming and shooting with K2. Aaron was an accomplished backcountry rider twice winning the North Face Masters, laying claim to gold duct tape at the Baker Banked Slalom, and endowed with enviable powder-hunting skills that always had him in the deep. Our sincerest and deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.