5th ANNUAL BoarderMotocross At Perris Raceway on March 25th and Bear Mountain on March 26 th, 2000.

What is a BoarderMotocross Challenge? There has been an increasing number of crossover riding going on between Motocross and Snowboarding in the past few years.

There are many motocrossers that ride snowboards and snowboarders that ride dirt bikes. With this in mind there has been an annual event for the past four years that includes riders from both of these hardcore sports to compete together for cash and prizes, in what has been called the funnest event that many of the riders have ever participated in.

The event consists of a motorcycle race where riders come together on a closed course motocross track and race ‘Iron Horses’ against one another. The following day they take their skills to the mountains and race against each other on snowboards down the challenging Board-X course.

The two days points are combined together to get a top placing in each division, and an overall BoarderMotocross Champion. The result is a unique and entertaining weekend for everyone. This event has proven to be a success in years past and has attracted top professionals in both motocross and snowboarding.

Snowboard pro’s such as Sean Palmer, Andy Hetzel, Temple Cummings, Don Szabo, Mark Gabriel, Nathan Fletcher and motocross pro’s like Ray Somo, Mike Metgzer, Joel Albrecht, Seth Enslow, Cary Hart, Ronnie Faist and current professional BoarderMotocross Champion Travis Preston all battle for the top position in this exciting competition.

The result has been an event that the media has embraced in both print as well as television coverage in both the motocross and snowboard industries.

Previous coverage includes articles and pictures in Wide Open MX Magazine, Dirt Rider Magazine, Cycle news, Plow Snowboard Magazine and Electric Ink Magazine. Fox Sports has covered this event in the past and will do so again due to the response from so many people at such a unique and entertaining event to watch, as well as participate in. There will be exciting obstacles and racing, and a lot of big jumps in both the dirt and snow! There will be an awards ceremony, bands and a party for everyone, we hope you can make it, just for the fun of it.

Here’s a few quotes from some of the people who participated in the event last year.

Travis Preston ¿ It was the funnest event that I ever did !
Seth Enslow ¿ I think the BoarderMotocross is a great competition because it mixes up two great sports , it’s sweet .
Joel Albrecht ¿ It’s a competition that I can race all of my friends that is not just motocross and have a lot of fun .
April Lawyer ¿ It’s a hell of a lot of fun but we need more girls doing it .
Mugs Mc Guiness ¿ It’s a fun event that everyone at every level can have a great time .Derrick Swinfard ¿ It was a really good time I can’t wait till next year , but we need more snowboarders .

CLASSES : kids , women , vet (slow,fast), industry (slow,fast), beginner , novice , intermediate , pro

Info? please contact Don Szabo @ (714) 596-9717 or donszabo@aol.com