411VM Snow #4 Out Soon

Fountain Valley, CA (411 Productions) — August 8, 2002: Snowboard season is nearly upon us again. 411VM Snowboarding is welcoming the shivers with the 4th issue of the video magazine. It’s been a long time in the waiting, but the snow frogs are ready to come out of hibernation and get their hop on. Welcome back to 411VM Snowboarding!

Tradillac Parkalade, Insane Blade, Afterbang and really amazing snowboarding…tag along with 411 and spend a “Day in the Life with Travis Parker. Travis has got a lot going on, but no matter what he’s doing, he makes you laugh your ass off and want to get your shred on. Word!

Gian Simmen. If you love snowboarding, you know Gian. The 25 year-old Swiss pipe master has been dominating contests for years now. FIS, Nippon Open, Arctic Challenge, Gian has won them all. Oh yeah, he also took home the first-ever Gold Medal in the Olympics with his win in ’98. Of course he’s not all about the snow tube…find out what makes Gian Simmen tick in issue 4’s “Profile.

If it’s the contests you love, 411VM Snowboarding has them. Your favorite snowboarders pushing themselves to death and glory in the name of progression and cold, hard Yen…Tyler Lepore and BJ Leines stand out in the Tyrol Spring Jam “Contest article. Living legends Terje Haakonsen and Rob Morrow put some money in the bank in issue 4’s “Main Event the Baker Banked slalom.

Matt Peterson melts some snow in his “On the Edge article. 411 heads due north to visit Boarderline Snowboard Camp in an Alyeska, AK “Spot Check. Marc Frank and the Dub crew light up Japan in the “Road Trip article. Rounding out the lineup, Chad Otterstrom, Todd Richards and Micah McGinnity take over the office with an AOD “Guest Edit article.

Issue 04 is the first video of 411’s three-issue season — don’t miss it! You better clean up your snow curls and be ready for more goggle burns cause 411VM Snowboarding issue 04 is guaranteed to transform you back into snow mode! 411VM Snowboarding issue 04 hits September 9, 2002 in snowboard shops around the world. Pull up a chair people; you’re not going anywhere yet… About 411 Productions: 411 is the number one video content provider in the action sports industry. In 1993, 411 pioneered the concept of the Skateboard Video Magazine and has since sold over one million copies of 411 titles. 411 produces 411VM Skateboarding, 411VM Snowboarding, 411VM BMX, and 411VM Surfing video magazines, as well as distributing a host of other video productions. 411 is also an industry technology leader, providing content over all media including VHS, DVD, internet, and television. Visit 411 on the web at www.411vm.com.