Photo: Tim Zimmerman

The very apt phrase on the Legendary Banked Slalom start gate. Photo: Tim Zimmerman

With the Pacific Northwest in the midst of one of the worst winters in a decade, the Legendary Banked Slalom crew announced today that they are postponing the full 30th anniversary event, including the Legends Day festivities, until February 18–21, 2016 due to low snowfall. But before this low-tide season totally douses your dreams of burning turns and salmon barbeque, the crew also announced that they will still hold a simplified two-day version of the event on March 21 and 22, called the 29 1/2 Banked Slalom.

The news comes despite predictions of snowfall starting around February 28, with the long-term forecast calling for snow in March, April and possibly into May. Although this all sounds hopeful, the Banked Slalom crew says that even if it starts dumping around March 1, with the current condition of the Natural Halfpipe they would still not be able to receive enough snow by March 14, the day they need to start building the course, to hold the event at its full potential.

The course was originally slated to handle a total of 1,200 racer runs over the duration of the event—totally do-able during a normal year but, the Banked Slalom crew says, just not possible with the low snow.

The 29½ Banked Slalom will be open to racers who are already registered for the 30th Classic Race and will feature:

• a race course—possibly in a different location than the Natural Halfpipe
• one qualifying run on Saturday—half of each category will qualify for the finals
• two runs on Sunday for the finals
Saturday salmon BBQ (free for racers), live music
• on -now demo
• Duct Tape awards for top three finishers in each category

Racers who are already registered for the 30th LBS should have received an email with more info. If you are registered but did not get an email, please contact the Banked Slalom Crew at

We hate to bring you this update, so as always, pray for snow.