Dustin Craven Arnette and Under Armour Kit

Snowboarding naked and goggle-less is something Dustin Craven would consider with the right a bet, babe or beers at stake. If you do happen to shred naked, be glad that the new ceramic lining in the Under Armour Electro jacket and Hatcher pant is proven to retain what little body heat you have left and these cylindrical Arnette Windshield goggles and Dropout Sunglasses can mask your identity.



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About 30 Days Of Giveaways 2013

Earning a new setup used to equate to hundreds of lawns mowed, tables served, nails pounded, and burgers flipped. But now, you can come up on a fresh setup with only a few clicks of the screen, if you're lucky. Follow our 30 Days of Giveaways during the month of September for your shot at winning boards, goggles, outerwear or even a multi-day shred vacation. Follow our fan page at Facebook.com/twsnow every day for a new package and how to enter.


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