2nd Annual Pig Air At Mount Snow

Mount Snow, Vermont (January 2, 2000) — Mount Snow hosts the secondannual PIG Air event on January 15 (originally scheduled for January 8),a big air event with an interesting competitive twist. The rulesresemble a game more commonly known as the basketball game “Horse,” withtwo minor adjustments: Mount Snow traded basketball shots for big airjumps and swapped the word “Horse” for Pig. PIG Air is an open eventfor men and women snowboarders and skiers.

HOW PIG AIR WORKS: Sponsored in part by Chevy Trucks, Kodak, MountainDew and Mobil Speedpass, PIG Air is based on the same principles as”H.O.R.S.E” basketball. The daytime traditional big air qualifier,which begins at 10:30 am, determines the top four riders in eachcategory (snowboarding and skiing) who will move to the finals in theevening. The finals at 6 pm commence the official PIG Air competitionunder lights, where riders and skiers will compete for a piece of the$3,500 cash purse.

Similar to completing a basket, the athlete mustland successfully for the maneuver to count. A letter will be given toany athlete that does not match/repeat and land a successful jump by thepreceding athlete. Once an athlete collects all letters that spell PIG,he/she is eliminated from the competition. The nighttime finals willinclude fireworks and event dancers. Live DJ music is featuredthroughout the entire event.

MOUNT SNOW SNOFORCE TEAM READY TO GO: Several members of Mount Snow’sSnoForce team of snowboarders and skiers are ready to give the scheduledveteran field of competitors a run for their money.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Registration is limited to 100 competitors.For pre-registration, athletes can download the application form onlineat mountsnow.com. Athletes can also register the day of competitionfrom 8 am to 9:30 am. Entry fee is $40 (includes lift pass), or $30with a season pass. For further information, riders should call MountSnow’s event hotline at 802-464-4191 or visit the events page atmountsnow.com.