$25K In Snowboards Stolen From Truckee Shop

25 Thousand Dollars In Brand New Skis And Snowboards Stolen From The Soul House Project In Truckee

soul house project truckee break in

The window burglars broke and entered the shop through, it is now fixed and alarmed.

In the early morning of Thursday November 20th, a group of bandits busted a window out at The Soul House Project in Truckee, CA and made off with 40 snowboards and pairs of skis, despite the alarms and quick response from the Truckee Police Department. All in all about $25,000 in brand new merchandise was lifted from the shop, which just recently had their grand opening on November 29th.

soul house project 10 Days till Opening Photos for Social Media - Main Room Movie Screen & Outerwear Wall

Here’s part of the showroom in The Soul House Project, featuring a giant screen for premiers.

The loot consisted of new Lib Tech and Burton boards, including Lib models ranging from the T-Rice, Jamie Lynn, Banana Magic, Hot Knife, and Skate Banana. Burton models including the Flight Attendant, Landlord, and Barracuda were also taken along with Ghost Train, Bibby, Underworld and Deathwish models of Moment skis. These are items that will most likely end up or Craigslist, Ebay or other online venues.

The Soul House Project is located at 10116 E St. in Truckee California and is a ski and snowboard shop dedicated to providing the Lake Tahoe area with quality winter gear. It’s run by John Chapman, a Truckee local and former co-owner of PortersTahoe.com, and Kyle Smith a former Porters and Eastern Boarder manager.

In regards to what happened, John had this to say, "It hurt, we have liability insurance, but they took high end equipment, all our high end Lib Tech's. We were trying to get these products out to the public." In other words It's not as much about the money as it is about getting these products in the hands of people who will enjoy them. "They're not making any more of these boards this year, we'd rather have the boards than the money right now."

Truckee PD Detective Arnie Lopez said that at least a two person crew was needed to pull off they heist. The shop’s location, the old Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church is a well known site in town and is located on the northwest end of Truckee’s main strip, in between Donner Pass rd. and Interstate 80.

It’s never cool to see people get taken advantage of, especially when those people are snowboarders dedicated to serving their community. Shop owners and employees put their blood and sweat into giving others the opportunity to enjoy the snow and mountains as much as we all do. Local snowboard shops are the key to your snowboarding community, and they’re the last place you want to rob if you’re a snowboarder.

Here's a shot of some boards, boots and binders setup at The Soul House Project.

Here’s a shot of some boards, boots and binders setup at The Soul House Project.

If you come across one of these boards online or somewhere it doesn’t belong, please contact John@soulhouseproject.com. Anyone with any information on the burglary should also contact Sgt. Bob Womack or Detective Arnie Lopez at the Truckee Police Department, their numbers are 530-550-2335 and 530-550-2336.

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