241 Announces Outerwear Line

241 is proud to announce the arrival of this years outerwear line for 09.

241 offers a range of from gore-tex denim jeans to high-tech backcountry outfits.
This summer in the Tahoe mountains at Area-241, we have invested in a new
ultimate machine. “We figured we would skip the snowmobile and go straight
to a resort groomer, making this winter even a more progressive one than
the last. This has been 241’s goal since the beginninng”. With support
from CLIF BAR we are able to run this machine on bio-diesel for a
less carbon impact. 241 is looking forward to another creative
winter with a do it yourself style. Keep an eye out for us.
Have a great winter everyone!
-Mike Basich

www.241-USA.com (here)