24 Inches in 24 Hours: Snow is Dumping in The West

New snowfall at Snowbird. PHOTO: Matt Crawley
A slash a day keeps the doctor away. PHOTO: Matt Crawley
Maybe they should just call it Snowsnow, because we don't see many birds in this photo. PHOTO: Matt Crawley
Oh, maybe that is the bird they are talking about. PHOTO: Matt Crawley
Looks like these guests will have to stay awhile. PHOTO: Matt Crawley

Our friends over at Snowbird sent us some photos from this past weekend’s dump, and with the hopes of even more snow on the way, it looks like Groundhog Day brought us some good luck. With a later than usual start for winter in the West this season, reports from Colorado, British Columbia, California, and the Pacific Northwest have definitely convinced us that we still have time. Looks like they are finally catching up to the East. Weather across the West seems to be warming up a bit this week, but a massive weekend of snowfall has left a plethora of resorts to go find good snow at. Hope you get some time to enjoy!

Bachelor breaks 100″ on their depth!


Heavy snowfall in Mammoth!

And with heavy snowfall comes avalanche and tree well danger, so if you go riding, make sure you stay aware of surroundings, ride with friend, and keep your eyes open for potential dangers.

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