2018 PyeongChang Olympics Slopestyle Overview with Jamie Anderson and Chris Corning

Instagram: @jamieanderson |Olympic test event in #PyeongChang South Korea.... Course is fun & finals are going down tomorrow! @monsterenergy @oakleysnowboarding @gnusnowboards @gopro #GoProSnow #liveyours #jamieloubear
Instagram Photo: @chriscorning |Made it to South Korea and we start practice tomorrow. Went around a explored a little this morning with@noratheexplora16 @brockcrouch99@chief_chan @neversummerindustries@monsterarmy @686 @candygrind@unionbindingco @smithoptics @thirtytwo
Instagram Photo: @chriscorning | Practice with these gents went really well. I compete on Friday (Korea time). Excited to get to competition mode out here in the middle of no where! Pic @ryanstassel 
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Instagram Photo: @chriscorning | Ended up qualifying 1st in my heat and 2nd overall behind @brandonjdavis! Congrats to all the people who made it to finals. Game time on #Sunday! Pic @brandonjdavis 
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Step-up looking prime in Korea. Instagram: @brockcrouch99 |
Instagram: @brockcrouch99 | Korea has been nothing short of interesting so far w/ @chief_chan!!!!
Instagram: @chief_chan | Korea is pretty majestic
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2018 PyeongChang Olympics Slopestyle Overview

Korea's first major snowboard contest took place as the official slopestyle test event for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games at the Bokwang Phoenix Park venue in PyeongChang, Korea this past weekend. Members of the US Snowboarding Team were onsite, training, competing, and getting a general vibe for the snowboard scene in South Korea.

We reached out to reigning Olympic Gold medalist, Jamie Anderson, and up and coming slopestyle ripper, Chris Corning, for their initial impressions of course and shredding in Korea.

Check out their thoughts below, and scroll through the gallery above for a glimpse into the pre-Olympic event in Korea.

Jamie Anderson:

What are your first impressions of South Korea? 

So far I’m loving South Korea! Super rad culture, good food, and we visited a temple yesterday that was awesome.


How does it differ from what you may have anticipated?

I didn’t really have any expectations…. It’s just cool! I love Asia and I’m so happy the next Olympics are here.

What’s the most culturally unique or weirdest thing you’ve experienced thus far?

I love the baths! They have men/women ones so you go naked and just enjoy the hot hot bath, ice bath, warm bath, sauna steam. They're so nice!

How does the venue stack up compared to the Olympic venue in Russia?

I think this will be all time. The slope course is on point, and the other venues are a lot closer then how far venues were spread out in Russia.

How’s the course overall?

Insane! There is a lot going on, but it flows. It should be a good event.

What’s the general attitude of everyone there for the event? 

It’s good. The Korean's are so kind, so respectful—Buddhist background and totally namaste! I’m loving it .

Chris Corning:

My first impressions of Korea are the people and how happy they all are. Everyone is really nice and they love that their country is going to hold the Olympics! It's close to what it was like in China in which I went last year, but everything is much nicer and I did not anticipate that. Probably the weirdest thing I have experienced was seeing the dried squid that is in a package that you can purchase and apparently eat just like that. Personally, I've stayed away from it. I think this will be a good place for the Olympics, but I think it’s going to be very tight. It is kinda small. So everything is going to be really close together on the mountain, but I think it will make for a good show for the fans because they will not have to go far to watch all the events that happen on the mountain!

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