Jamie Anderson. PHOTO: Dean Blotto Gray

Jamie Anderson. PHOTO: Dean Blotto Gray

The 32nd annual Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships presented by MINI at Vail Mountain, officially kicked off today with men’s and women’s slopestyle semi-finals. An idyllic bluebird day made for perfect conditions for the riders, who had two runs to win their spot for Friday’s final. Jamie Anderson and Stale Sandbech were the top qualifiers in Wednesday’s semi-finals and will go for the Burton US Open slopestyle title, along with 14 other riders.

South Lake Tahoe’s Jamie Anderson, proved why she’s an Olympic gold medalist, with a second run consisting of a gap to backside boardslide, 50-50 to 50-50, and 50-50 to frontside boardslide to fakie on the upper rail section, a Cab 540 indy, frontside 720 mute grab, and backside 540 indy on the three jumps, scoring an 86.80.

“The conditions were awesome today,” said Anderson. “The sun came out and the course was really fun. I’m happy I got a good score.”

Isabel Derungs took second for the ladies and Spencer O’Brien  finished third. Out of the 16 women in today’s event, the top six move on to Friday’s final starting at 10 a.m. MST.

After the women’s semi-finals 32 men hit the slopestyle course, but only 10 advanced, with Norwegian Olympic silver medalist, Stale Sandbech, holding the top spot. Sanbech’s first run included a frontside lipslide to backside lipslide, 50-50 to frontside 360 out, and 50-50 to frontside boardslide to fakie on the upper rail section, and a Cab 1260, frontside 1080 to backside triple cork 1440, scoring an 87.05 and holding throughout the semis.

“Today was a really good day for me,” said Sandbech. “The weather was great and it just makes you warm and loose. It’s easier to try big tricks when it’s not icy.”

Behind Sandbech was Brandon Davis and Roope Tonteri in third. The top 10 of 32 men advanced to finals, and will go for the 2014 Burton US Open slopestyle title, starting at 2 p.m. MST on Friday.

Women’s Slopestyle Semi-Final Results

1. Jamie Anderson — 86.80

2. Isabel Derungs — 78.45

3. Spencer O’Brien — 78.25

4. Miyabi Onitsuka — 77.25

5. Ty Walker — 74.15

6. Cheryl Maas — 70.80

Men’s Slopesyle Semi-Final Results

1. Stale Sandbech — 87.05

2. Brandon Davis — 81.30

3. Roope Tonteri — 80.85

4. Kyle Mack — 77.05

5. Tyler Nicholson — 76.25

6. Sebastien Toutant — 75.70

7. Darcy Sharpe — 74.85

8. Maxence Parrot — 74.30

9. Mark McMorris — 73.85

10. Emil Ulsletten — 72.05