4Star TTR Slopestyle Contest – 11.15 April  2012
Ischgl, Austria

After a season of youth snowboard events all around the world, the most talented rising stars are awaited at the end of season 4Star Protest World Rookie Final, which will be held in Ischgl, Austria, from 11th to 15th of April. The event will award prizes for an overall value of 30,000€ and it will assign the prestigious titles of WSF World Rookie Champions 2012.

The 2011/12 World Rookie Tour included international events in Europe, South America, North America and Oceania. ‘To create a competitive project for the youngsters and find the next future snowboarding stars were our main purposes since the WRT began’ stated Marco Sampaoli, WSF Vice President ‘with 10 international events worldwide and several regional rookie contests in many Countries, finally our kids have their own dedicated world tour’.

Among the past World Rookie Champions: Roope Tonteri, Emil Andre Usletten, Gjermund Braathen, Christian Haller, Petu Piiroinen, Kasia Rusin. After the 2012 Protest World Rookie Final in Ischgl, we will know the next one!


Prizes for the Protest World Rookie Finals 2012

Filming with Pirate Movie Productions,
Onboard and Cooler photoshooting,
2 Golden tickets to 2012/13 World Rookie Fests
5 tickets to Halfpipe Rookie Fest 2013 in Monte Bondone Italy,
2 Freeride Film Trip to Australia,
Snowboard goodies, Pieps, Tech Riders, CHUCKBUDDiES, Trophies.

Watch the video from last season Protest World Rookie Final

Admission Criteria and Pre-Qualified Riders

Riders, male and female, born 1st of January 1994 and younger are admitted. Only riders from WSF member nations can enter the event. The top 20 riders of the World Rookie Rank (top 20 male, top 20 female) at April the 3rd 2012 are qualified and every WSF member nation can register 2 male Rookies, 1 female Rookie, 2 male Groms and 1 female Grom. Finally the top 3 riders, both male and female, Rookie and Grom, from the previous international stops are qualified (see list below). National secretaries or national coaches have to send the registration for the all national rookie team.
List of Prequalified Riders from the previous International event of the World Rookie Tour 2011/12

Male Rookies
Billtoft Ludvig SWE (1st in Val Senales and 1st in France)
Martin Mikyska CZE (2nd in Val Senales, in Chile and Czech Rep)
Sven Thorgren SWE (1st in Chile)
Henry Bassel AUS (1st in Australia)
Ben Alexis AUS (2nd in Australia)
Jack Hasler AUS (3rd in Australia)
Hagen Ole Christian NOR (1st in Livigno)
Michael Scharer SUI (2nd in Livigno)
Jonas Veddegjerde NOR (3rd in Livigno)
Lewis Courtier-Jones GBR (1st in Monte Bondone)
Tamor Roos NED (2nd in Monte Bondone)
Sean Taylor NED (3rd in Monte Bondone)
Benjamin Lestage SWE (2nd in France)
Simon Burki SUI (3rd in France)
Georg Huber AUT (1 st in Romania)
Daniel Vonach AUT (2nd in Romania)
Roland Tschoder AUT (3rd in Romania)
Cole Cummins CAN (1st in Canada)
Taylor Watling CAN (2nd in Canada)
Michael Izzard CAN (3rd in Canada)
Kriz Dusan CZE (1st in Czech Republic)
Ondrej Pokert CZE (3rd in Czech Republic)
* Still missing the qualified riders from West Coast Rookie Fest in USA 2012

Female Rookies
Verena Rohere SUI (1st in Val Senales)
Katerina Yanova CZK (2nd in Val Senales)
Candelaria Palacios CHI (1st in Chile)
Alex Fitch AUS (1st in Australia)
Biba Turnbull AUS (2nd in Australia)
Stephanie Dahan AUS (3rd in Australia)
Katarzina Rusin POL (1st in Livigno)
Valentina Barengo ITA (2nd in Livigno)
Silvana Clavout SUI (3rd in Livigno)
Diana Augustinova CZE (1st in Monte Bondone and in Czech Rep)
Lola Nicolai FRA (1st in France)
Nathalie Silkstone GBR (2nd in Monte Bondone and 2nd in France)
Agathe Le Corned FRA (3rd in France)
Ali Cannon CAN (1st in Canada)
Hilary Gardiner CAN (2nd in Canada)
Bree Simposon CAN (3rd in Canada)
Johanna Sternat AUT (2nd in Czech Rep)
Birgit Rofner AUT (3rd in Czech Rep)
* Still missing the qualified riders from West Coast Rookie Fest in USA 2012
Male Groms
Dario Burch SUI (1st in Val Senales)
Miki Pajer CZE (1st in Val Senales and 2nd in Czech Rep)
Federico Chiaradio ARG (1st in Chile)
Inaki Odrizola ARG (2nd in Chile)
Lucas Machicao CHI (3rd in Chile)
Matthew Cox AUS (1st in Australia)
Joshua Vagne AUS (2nd in Australia)
Angus Waddington AUS (3rd in Australia)
Mons Roislan NOR (1st in Livigno)
Haakon Eilersten NOR (2nd in Livigno)
Stian Kleivdal NOR (3rd in Livigno)
Boris Mouton FRA (1st in Monte Bondone and 1st in France)
Daniel Thio NED (2nd in Monte Bondone)
Emil Zulian ITA (3rd in Monte Bondone)
Minth Ralph FRA (2nd in France)
Bing Voorham NED (3rd in France)
Alois Lindnoser AUT (1st in Romania)
Santiago Freinademetz AUT (2nd in Romania)
Peter Almas ROU (3rd in Romania)
William Izzard CAN (1st in Canada)
Coulton Conway CAN (2nd in Canada)
Quin Thielma CAN (3rd in Canada)
Rowan Coultas GBR (1st in Czech Rep)
Adam Pauliceck CZE (3rd in Czech Rep)
* Still missing the qualified riders from West Coast Rookie Fest in USA 2012
Female Groms
Katerina Vojackova CZK (1st in Val Senales, in Livigno and in Czech Rep)
Alice Fortuna ITA (2st in Val Senales)
Magdalena Gonzales CHI (1st in Chile)
Antonia Yanez CHI (2nd in Chile)
Catalina Ceron CHI (3rd in Chile)
Cassie Fortune AUS (1st in Australia)
Emily Arthur AUS (2nd in Australia)
Georgia BAff AUS (3rd in Australia)
Ramona Petrig SUI (2nd in Livigno)
Lorenne Smans BEL (3rd in Livigno)
Maisie Potter GBR (3rd in Monte Bondone and 3rd in France)
Becky Menday GBR (1st in France)
Manon Suffys BEL (2nd in France)
Ruxandra Brad ROU (2nd in Romania)
Anastasia Grozea ROU (3rd in Romania)
Megan Simpson CAN (1st in Canada)
Natalie Maugeri CAN (2nd in Canada)
Sara Veselkova CZE (3rd in Czech Rep)
* Still missing the qualified riders from West Coast Rookie Fest in USA 2012

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Pictures by Eleonora Raggi

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World Rookie Tour 2012 Calendar

Protest World Rookie Fest – Livigno, Italy – January 14-18, 3Star slopestyle // DONE
Transilvania Rookie Fest – Arena Platos, Romania – January 27-29 – 2Star, slopestyle // DONE
Protest French Fries Rookie Fest – Avoriaz, France

– February 3-5 – 3Star, slopestyle  // DONE
Halfpipe Rookie Fest – Monte Bondone  Trentino, Italy – February 8-11 – 3Star halfpipe // DONE
Canuck Chuck Rookie Fest Canada – Horseshoe Resort – February 24-26 – 3Star, slopestyle // DONE
Ride East Rookie Fest – Splinderuv Mlyn, Czech Republic March 16-18 –  3Star, slopestyle // DONE
West Coast Rookie Fest "Kidwell Classic" - Kirkwood, California, USA, 23.25 March // DONE

Protest World Rookie Finals – Ischgl, Austria – April 11-15 – 4Star, slopestyle
Summer Rookie Camp – Val Senales, Italy-  June 30 – July 14 – Training Camp *

Australia Rookie Fest –  Thredbo, Australia –  August 16-17  – 3Star slopestyle*
South America Rookie Fest – Valle Nevado, Chile – August (date tbd) – 2Star slopestyle*
*= part of the World Rookie Tour 2012.13


If you dream to become a professional snowboarder, then your future starts here at the Rookie Fest!

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