Video by: Justin Gunson
Words by:  Sandra Hillen

Waterville Valley,  New Hampshire rocked the first stop of the 2011 TransWorld Snowboarding TransAM.  The energy that the riders brought with them was insane!  There was more bloody action on this course than at a Gwar concert.   This contest is definitely much different than your conventional setups.  The riders are challenged to hit features that they are not used to seeing in the park.  The killer park crew at Waterville Valley and sponsors collaborated ideas to create different types of fun features.

Vitamin water kicked it off with a rider drop-in hydration station.  Riders could grab a nice cold Vitamin water mid contest to revive themselves and get ready for their next drop.  There were many different lines to take on the course.  Giro’s feature was a side entry lift tower tube, which was perfect for tech tricks and dropping off into the tranny.  Next to that, Zumiez provided the infamous orange couch, which had an up butter box set up, like a jump before it.  Competitors could shoot to the moon.  Cruising to one side Ride Snowboards had set up a beach scene banner jump, so mid air the riders appeared to be front and center of a postcard that said, “Wish you were here.”  It was a beautiful thing to see.   Straight front and center was the Coal Headwear pole jam also known as the Coal jam.  This included a corrugated tube sticking out of a jump and a gap to a transition that was in the shape of a Coal beanie.  You could land on any side of that thing and still hit transition.   Lookers right was the Anon down box, which as smooth to hit as their goggles are to wear.  Every kind of 270 went down on that thing and the crowd loved it.  Last but not least High Cascade Snowboard Camp drove through the crowd with a snow bus.  That’s right a bus made out of snow.  There was exhaust fog shooting out the back, a stop sign, license plate, taillights and even tires.  Not only had I never seen so many back flips over a bus, I also have never seen so many ways to hit a bus.  Kids were gapping the whole thing or finding tranny into the side built like a hip or wall riding the opposite side.

Creativity and riding were at an all time high, as riders destroyed all the features.  The award ceremony included a mouthwatering pizza party and prizes that made dreams a reality.  There were custom TransAM beanies from Coal and Giro hoodies and helmets.   Stylish goggles from Anon, Drop gloves, Vitamin water galore.  Plus Zumiez threw in sweet gift cards for their store as well as flight vouchers for the top winners to fly to Bear, CA for TransAm Finals!  Ride Snowboards dropped heavy prizes like full outerwear and a board for each winner!  Jordan Parks came away with the victory for the ladies with her consistency and smooth style.  As Zach Normandin decided to throw banger after banger not afraid to go downside up with killer creativity as well, taking the win for the guys.   Waterville Valley’s Park Crew, led by Luke Mathison, were definitely no rookies so the bar has been set high for the kick off of this tour. Things are going to just keep on rocking right on to the next stop at Big Boulder Park, Pennsylvania.

1. Jordan Parks
2. Chuckie Carbone
3. Taylor Owen

1. Zach Normandin
2. Johnny O’Connor
3. Chase Chicone

Having the Most Fun
Jeff Deforge