Brighton, Utah¿The third annual PBR Bowl, sponsored by Sims Snowboards and Technine Bindings, will be held this Friday January 26, at the base of Millicent in Brighton, Utah.

The PBR Bowl 2001 is a football game with an all snowboarding pro and industry line up: Jason Brown, Bobby Meeks, Marc Frank Montoya, Cody Dresser, just to drop a few names.

The PBR Bowl originated in 1999 by Capita Snowboarding’s Blue Montgomery and Rob Campbell, and could not have happened at all without the support of the Pabst Brewing Company.

This year, the game begins at 9:00, when we will determine the fate of each player to either team “Casual Sippers” or team “Shotgun”. Then the game begins, as does the traditional PBR tailgate and halftime barbeque.

Due to the fact that PBR Bowl, has now earned its own game day, we will extend the fun, and have the PBR BOWL 2001 party on Superbowl Sunday at the usual, Club Bubba’s¿Salt Lake City’s favorite underground bar.

Each year this event has evolved and has gained an increasing amount of support. This year we are blowing it up, by guaranteeing traditional snow conditions for the game by choosing the games’ location to be at Brighton Mountain Resort, with official game props and attire, thanks to PBR. This is an event for the athletes by the athletes, others invited include appropriate industry persona and media.

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