Chico, CA – Mike “Tex” Devenport announces the first annual “Tex Games” to be held May 12-14, closing weekend at Mt. Baker and Tex’s Ranch.

The event is intended to be a grass roots contest catering to the many different crossover sports that riders are involved in. Spread over 3 days the event will feature such events as:

– Skate & BMX Vert
– Freestyle Motocross
– Ghostride contest with prize money
– Dirt BMX
– BMX jousting
– Truck Tug-a-war
– King of the Hill
– Wet T-Shirt contest
– Boxing
– Monster Truck Car Crushing
– A snowboard halfpipe and slopestyle contest
– A ski halfpipe and slopestyle contest

The event will also see several local bands play including the likes of:

Portrait of Poverty-Tacoma WA
Leather Boy-Seattle WA
Hot Rod Lunatics-Seattle WA
Diablotones ¿ Seattle WA
Bar Feeders-San Francisco WA
Milhouse ¿ Seattle WA
Beggarman’s Thiefs ¿ Seattle WA

Music will be backed up with a top of the line sound system and sound crew provided by Tirad Studio’s out of Seattle. Valued at $1,500.

With the Vancouver Slam City Jam happening the weekend prior to this event we are expecting numerous pro-skateboarders. Washington is known for it’s top tier snowboarders that will be in attendance including Dave Lee, Todd Schlosser, TEX, Mike Ranquet, Jamie Lynn and many others.

Flesh Wound Films will be there filming, so many of the top moto X’ers will be in attendance. Including the likes of Bubba, Rusty, Seth Enslow, Mike Cinqmars, Ronny Feist, Brian Downing, Bowe Manly and Skylar Grant.

The above events will be held over 3 days ( May 12 ¿ 14) , entry can be obtained by contacting Tex at either (360) 599 2134 or (714) 343 9561.

Sponsors are also needed and interested parties should also contact Tex at the above number.