18th US Open Lures Best Riders

(Burlington, VT February 17, 2000) The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships,the most prestigious event of the year, and a virtual who?s who in competitiveworld-class snowboarding, will be held at Stratton Mountain, VT, on March 16 19, 2000. Athletes will vie for $130,000 in prize money, and even moreimportantly the attached titles gained from winning a U.S. Open venue. Podium-time at the event signifies the highest standards against which allsnowboard competitors are measured.

Over 500 athletes representing 20 countries, compete at The U.S. Open eachyear. Current elite pros ruling the scene such as Shannon Dunn, Ross Powers,Nicola Thost, and Drew Nielson, mixed with old-school legends on the comebacktrail, and complete newcomers from the most remote places on the planet, allsurface at the Open to compete on an even platform. In four days, heroes aremade in Halfpipe, Big Air, Duel Slalom, and Boardercross.

Under lights, Friday evening?s Big Air event is sure to draw the largestcrowdsin what has become the rock-star showdown of the weekend. This year, prospectsremain lofty with riders boosting higher, more creative maneuvers. WhileMylesHallen won with a solid backside 900 last year, he?s now pulling 1080?s.If hecan?t stomp them, Jason Borgstede?s consecutive 900?s could reel in the win. For the women, new heights have been reached by Tara Dakides and Kim Bohnsak’ssolid backside 540’s.

New for 2000 is Stratton’s Superpipe venue for the halfpipe finals. So farthis season the Superpipe has altered competitive rider’s strategies byallowing more room for bigger airs off steeper transitions, stoking riders andadding to the gripping excitement of pipe competition.

Boardercross, the ultimate roller derby for riders, will have a mile-longcourse at The U.S. Open this year, which will require more maneuvering when itcomes to choosing the winning lines.

Captured on ESPN, ESPN2, several upcoming snowboard flicks, and practicallyevery snowboarding magazine in the world, The U.S. Open is the most filmed andchronicled snowboarding event of the year. Interactive sponsor booth areasandpro rider autograph sessions also help draw crowds of 25,000, making The U.S.Open the largest and most competitive international festival in the sport ofsnowboarding. The U.S. Open?s website is www.usopen-snowboarding.com.

2000 U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships Event Schedule Thursday, 3/16: Men?s and Women?s Halfpipe Qualifiers

Friday, 3/17: Men?s and Women?s Duel Slalom Competition Media Welcome Reception and Party Evening Big Air Competition (under the lights)

Saturday, 3/18: Men?s and Women?s HalfpipeCompetition

Sunday, 3/19: Men?s and Women?s Boardercross Competition Junior Halfpipe Competition