(Squaw Valley USA) What do you get when you combine a group of daredevils, a little creativity, some form of ski or snowboard equipment, wild costumes and a really cold and misleadingly large pond? Lake Tahoe’s original pond crossing, the Lake Cushing Classic! For the 14th spring in a row, this entertaining snow and water competition returns to the waters of Lake Cushing on Sunday April 25, 2004.

The annual event features over fifty contestants and hundreds of spectators turning out to watch local lunatics and adventurous guests attempt to cross Lake Cushing. The goal is to get enough speed down the snow ramp and make it to the opposite side of the lake without falling. This contest is notorious for it’s cannonball-sized crashes, hilarious costumes and ultra-creative pond skimming contraptions. Judging is based on style, grace, flair and of course, successfully crossing the lake.

Registration takes place on the Bar One sundeck at noon with the competition starting at 2pm. The cost to participate is $15. All entrants MUST have a life preserver and a helmet, and sign a release of liability. Participants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The awards ceremony and deck party take place on the sundeck immediately following the event.