10th Annual Bonfire P2P Results

TIMBERLINE, Ore. — July 3, 2007 — The first installment of the 10th Annual Pipe to Pipe rail jam and skateboard competition began with clear skies, hot sun and the smell of Digger Dogs wafting over the rail course at Windell’s summer camp on Mt. Hood. Local rider Nick Dirks hand-planted and switch-spun his way to first place and $1000 for a second year in a row. Windell’s counselor Kristin Seitz took first for the Pro-women. It’s tough to say how much candy and soda the $1000 purse prize will buy her.

Competitors had a wide variety of rails to choose from. Mike Thomas and the Windell’s Dig crew manicured the take offs and landings of every kind of rail imaginable. The course started with three drop in points, leading into a choice of three rails, followed by a down rail, flat-down rail or roller coaster rail.. Competitors finished runs at the quarter pipe jib and buried Nike car. Ams and Pros each had 30 minutes to hit as many features as possible. Men and women rode together and campers sat on the sidelines cheering on their favorite pros and coaches. Scotty “The Body Connerly announced over the laid-back hip hop beats of Portland local and former Cal Skate employee DJ Atom. Mark Sullivan was on hand for some guest announcing as well.

The 30 minute finals really got the crowd going. Ams and Pros all rode together. HCSC “Trampoline Master Zach Marben was spinning ridiculous amounts onto and off of all the rails, proving that his seasonal pilgrimage out of the Midwest every summer has paid off. Zach’s riding easily put him in second place. Lucas Wilson stayed cool by riding in jeans and finishing third.

Fifteen year-old Sawyer Deen could have held his own in the Pro division, but he signed up with the Ams to compete for a spot in the Rookie Team Challenge. All Am winners are automatically entered into the competition for a one year Bonfire sponsorship. The Vermont native is most likely the current front-runner. He plans to spend the rest of his session at HCSC working with the camp photographers to get photos and video clips to submit to the Bonfire Team Manager and Josh Sherman. His biggest competition will be the July 20th competitors. Until then it’s anybody’s guess.

Ariel Friedman took first for Am women. Libby Redepenning took second place for Am women and proceeded to skate her heart out with the Pro men on the street course. Kira Cerasi came in third.

As for the Pro women, last year’s first-place winner, Desiree Melancon had a consistent bag of tricks, including a gap to frontside on the flat down bar. This put her in second place for pro women. Bonfire rider Ally Carroll came in third. Ally was throwing solid front boards over the wooden stairs and was one of the few riders to hit almost every rail in the park.

Off the Snow and onto the Cement

In the skate competition, local Portlander Eden Powers ended a long string of bad luck (including losing his job recently), by winning $1000 for tearing up the street competition. It took serious skill to navigate the packed park, much less to land tricks with precision and style. Second place went to Zach Maxwell and third to Phil Hansen. Skate competitors unanimously had a good time and are looking forward to the bowl competition during the July 20th Pipe to Pipe.

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Men’s Pro:

1. Nick Dirks
2. Zack Marben
3. Lucas Wilson

Women’s Pro:

1. Kristin Seitz
2. Desiree Melancon
3. Ally Carroll

Men’s Ams

1. Sawyer Deen
2. Ben Kadow
3. Ritchie Conklin

Women’s Ams.

1. Ariel Friedman
2. Libby Redepenning
3. Kira Cerasi