10,000 Spectators Celebrate ‘The O’Neill SB-Jam’ in Davos, Switzerland

‘The O’Neill SB-Jam’ in Davos, Switzerland celebrated both the last TTR Pro Series event of 2004 and welcomed an action packed season of “Ticket to Ride” Professional Freestyle Snowboarding (including TTR Qualifying Events) during the 2005 TTR Series calendar.

In front of a screaming 10,000 strong crowd, injected by pyrotechnic fireworks, the perfectly shaped and well illuminated “Superpipe”, “Kicker” and “Rail” landscape pushed both crowd and riding level to an all time frenzy of explosive, World Class Freestyle Snowboarding action delivering an entertainment extravaganza and awe inspiring performances.

The entertainment factor, rated highly within all selected TTR Series events, left the masses, both young and old, induced with an authentic freestyle snowboarding show. Combined both riders, sponsors, host and organizers delivered showmanship, hospitality and a non-stop action packed program throughout the duration of the competition.

Top performances were rewarded with winners receiving their share of the *30,000 USD prize money and respective titles, namely “Highest Air Session”, “Ruler of the Rail”, “Ruler of the Kicker”, “Ruler of the Pipe” and the big catch of the event; “Ruler of the night”. (*With solidarity to the Tsunami catastrophe, a minute’s silence was given to the victims and their families, with riders donating over 30% of the prize money to relief efforts in affected areas)

Crowned for their exceptional runs on all parts of the course during the entire 45 minute Friday night jam session, the “Rulers of the night” were 1st placed Andy Finch (USA) 2nd placed Nicolas Mueller (SUI).

The two “Tickets to Ride” up for grabs at ‘The O’Neill SB-Jam’ were given to both Finch and Mueller and, as is customary if winning riders already hold **current season “Tickets”, both tickets were passed onwards to 3rd and 4th placed “Rulers of the night”; Risto Mattila (FIN) and Gian Simmen(SUI).

(**Both Finch and Mueller had already won “Tickets” in December; Finch at “The Nissan X-Trail Jam” in the Dome at Tokyo/Japan and Mueller at “The Air and Style Snowboard Festival” in Seefeld Tirol, Austria)

The Tickets secure Mattila and Simmen entry into the 04/05 TTR Pro Snowboarding season final “The Arctic Challenge”(TAC) event in Tromso and Lofoten, Norway.

“Highest Air Session” in the pipe was closely fought by the US contingency of Andy Finch and Abe Teter. With a huge +5 meter backside air Teter soared to success locking down the biggest cleanly executed single air of the event.

“Ruler of the Rail” was awarded to Finnish rail specialist Eero Ettala while the “Ruler of the kicker” award saw fellow landsmen, Risto Mattila and Jusso Laivisto win 1st and 2nd place respectively leaving 3rd to German talent Vincent Lups.

Note: Jusso Laivisto, was one of the youngest riders to qualify into this TTR Pro Series event through his success at the Finnish TTR Qualifying Event “The Malmi and Oksanen Invitational” showing both the importance and career opportunities open to young rookies competing within the TTR and TTR QE events.

“Ruler of the Pipe” was Swiss Star Nicolas Mueller who clearly dominated the evenings session consistently pulling of high, technical and variation runs to beat Italy’s top Freestyler Giacomo Kratter and 3rd place US wonder boy Andy Finch.

For event images and official event press release go to: www.sb-jam.com

Who gets a “Ticket to Ride” (TTR)

Winning riders from TTR QE (Qualifying Event) and TTR Pro Series event receive a “Ticket to Ride”. The TTR QE Tickets allow entry into designated TTR Pro Series events and TTR Pro Series Tickets are awarded to TTR Pro Series event winners giving them direct entry into the seasons “Grande Finale” event “The Arctic Challenge”(TAC) in Tromso and Lofoten, Norway on the 29th March – 5th April, 2005. Info: www.the-arctic-challenge.com

The next 3 TTR Pro Series events:

‘The Honda Session’ Presented by Salomon at Vail, Colorado USA; 14th-16th January, 2005, www.sessionvail.com

‘Burton European Open, Laax, Switzerland, 15th-22nd January, 2005, www.burtoneuropeanopen.com

‘Nescafe’ Champs Open Leysin’, Leysin, Switzerland, 3rd-6th February, 2005, www.nescafechamps.ch

For further TTR or TTR QE event details go to: www.ttrprosnowboarding.com