Hell no.

Some things in life were just meant to go together (“Suds”, the laundromat/bar dream business, for example). Some … were not. The above “Ed Hardy Snowboarding” photo, depending on your general IQ/tanning level, showcases a pairing that could fall into either category (um … no). With this in mind, we set out to find the best of the best of this season’s snowboard collaborations. After a bit of research, we came up with this stellar collection of 2010/2011 snow industry love children.

Here’s a quick rundown of ten of the sweetest product collabs in snowboarding this season. Snowboards, Boots, Bindings, Outerwear, Goggles, Watches, and more. Check ’em out, share your thoughts, and get hyped on all the product procreation hitting the shops and slopes this winter.—A.H.



Union X CAPiTA: Ultrafear Binding Project ($180)

Coming in hawt. The Union of CAPiTA. Scotty Stevens’ chosen Contact binders, done up with the exclusive Ultrafear print from this year’s board graphics. The perfect fit for the park and jib “shredder that likes to scare people both on and off the hill.”

Key Features
• Multi-Position Ultragrip Toe Caps
• Magnesium Buckles
• Extruded Anodized Aluminum Heelcups
• Injected DualZone EVA Bushings //


DC X Neff: PBJ Snowboard ($350) and Park Boot ($200)

Pink flamingos, neon lights, noir-ish styling, sunny skies, warm temps … and snowboarding? Regardless of your take on the Miami Vice-esque Art Deco retrospect, Torstein Horgmo ran this collection while bagging podiums at last year’s Winter Dew Tour and X Games—kit’s legit.

Key Features
• DC PBJ 153 and 157
• Supported Exclusively by Torstein Horgmo
• Reverse Camber with Structurn Base
New Park Bravo Liner //


K2 X Nikita: VaVaVoom Board ($380) and Cassette LTD Bindings ($160)

The highlight of TransWorld SNOWboarding‘s November 2010 issue “My Favorite Things” contest, the K2 X Nikita collab setup make a bold statement to girl power. Two beautiful ladies coming together to make sweet music, kind of like that time at our friend John’s party, when those two … Um … never mind.

Key Features
• JibTip and JibRocker
• Former TWSnow Good Wood Award Winner
• Tweakback Asym Highback
• A-Line GF Chassis Binder //


DVS X Andy Wright: Milan CT Mid Snow ($70)

TransWorld SNOWboarding Senior Photographer, Andy Wright, is one of the most talented and noted snow snappers on the planet. DVS steps up with a limited run of AW signature Milan CT snow shoes, perfect for keeping your feet warm and dry while the kids are hiking at SLC’s Rail Garden.

Key Features
• Water-Resistant Leather Upper
• Custom Andy Wright Photo Print and Detailing
• Bruise Control Technology Midsole
• Moisture-Wicking Inner Lining //


ThirtyTwo X Brighton, Bear Mountain, Mammoth: Park Crew Boots ($N/A)

ThirtyTwo once again stepped up to support the park crews this season, creating exclusive snowboard boots for the diggers and staff at Brighton, UT, Bear Mountain, CA, and Mammoth, CA. Unfortunately, no amount of haggling or credit card flashing is gonna help you score one of these super-limited booties … got to be a currently-staffed park crew to collect. But the season’s still on it’s way, and there’s still plenty time to fill out that application …

Key Features
• STI Evolution Foam
• 3D Molded Tongue
• Inner Cuff Lacing System
• Exclusive To Park Staff at Partner Resorts // // //


Ride X Spacecraft: Highlife Snowboard ($550)

What do you get when you cross OG snowboard makers and weirdo headwear designers? This good-looking deck, for one thing. The Highlife charges hard—strong enough for Jake Blauvelt, yet gentle enough for strange Northwesterners who enjoy dressing up in bunny suits. True story.

Key Features
• New LowPro Rocker
• 90A Slimewalls
• Jake Blauvelt’s Backcountry Weapon
• Carbon Array 5 //


Nomis X Technine: Holiday Connected Snowboard ($330) and Bindings ($180)

If Simon Chamberlain, Nomis, and Technine don’t label this collection as the “Purps and Kush” colorway, they’re losing their touch.

Key Features
• Connected Rocker
• True Twin
• Custom Jib Edge
• 3-Layer Interior Rubber Dampening //

Electric E 2.5

Electric EG 2.5 X B4BC ($140)

Sessions B4BC Jacket ($220)

Sessions B4BC Jacket ($220)

Von Zipper Charka Mumu Pink X B4BC ($125)

Von Zipper Charka Mumu Pink X B4BC ($125)

Nixon The Vega X B4BC ($60)

Nixon The Vega X B4BC ($60)

B4BC X Von Zipper Electric, Nixon, Sessions:  (Priceless!)

Hooray For Boobies! Support the great cause of Boarding For Breast Cancer, by picking up these breast-tastic goods. Proceeds benefit the B4BC Foundation and finding the cure for breast cancer. // // //


Burton X Cheech & Chong: The Road Soda ($420.95)

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.
“Duuu-hoooooooo-uuuuuude … We could really, really use a heady bowl of cereal and some serious OJ right now …”

Key Features
• V-Rocker, Or Something?
• Um… The Scoop Tip and Tail, I Think …
• Twin Shape … The Channel System … Water … We Need Water …
• Uhhh … what …? //


686 X New Balance: 790 Snowboard Boots ($180)

686 and New Balance are back with another season of boots, shoes, jackets, pants, and apparel for the 2010/2011 season. This time around, the 790 Boot is bringing back the original 1986 basketball shoe design worn by the likes of Los Angeles Lakers Hall Of Fame Center, James Worthy. Plus, the arch and ankle support are legit: it’s alllll about that trusted New Balance Rollbar Tech.

Key Features
• 3D Thermoplastic Injected Heelstay
• PU Synthetic Leather
• EVankle Support System
• One-Piece Tongue with 3D EVA //