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The filmer/rider relationship is critical, and both Dylan Alito and Toni Kerkelä’s Insight parts were respectively filmed by a longtime friend. Here, Dylan is pictured in Helsinki, Finland with Toni, Zach Rawles, and Petrus Koskinen. The close dynamic between Toni and Petrus is similar to that of Zach and Dylan. Both excellent snowboarders themselves, Petrus and Zach have spent time on both sides of the lens, which adds to their intuitive ability to capture their friends’ riding. Photo: Teemu Heljo

Making a Video Part

Dylan fell off the bandwagon of trends perpetually driving snowboarding years ago. His attitude is a rarity within a culture obsessed with the appearance of not caring. Dylan doesn’t give a fuck. Not in the sense that it’s cool not to care—he just doesn’t put stake in what the industry thinks about him or his snowboarding.

If he did, he may have transplanted somewhere with a snowboard scene—somewhere with other pros and industry people—but instead he bought a house in Lakewood, Colorado, where he hangs out with his pit bull and crushes tan cans when he’s not on a rail mission down the road or on the other side of the world.

This episode provides a glimpse at Dylan’s life when he’s home: rolling around with his homies in Colorado.

The rowdy air that follows Dylan brings with it a general disregard for unnecessary rules, ensuring continuous amusement for anyone on board and aggravation for those standing in the way.

Dylan’s snowboarding is a direct reflection of his personality. It’s unconventional, sometimes reckless, and unapologetically on his terms.

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“I came into the game pretty hot—just drunk and partying and making enemies. I think a lot of the older dudes didn’t like that. They were like, ‘Who is this little shit who thinks he can do whatever he wants?’ I think I’ve gained some respect back.” PHOTO: Teemu Heljo

About Insight

Insight is a multifaceted project about the personalities and places that comprise it. Each rider involved was selected because of their quest: a unique desire to achieve an individual goal is what unites this eclectic collective. The title of the project is quite literal. The goal of Insight is to delve into the lives of those involved, exposing the particular motivations each has to strap in—be it atop a stairset, powder field or couloir. Featuring: Victor De Le Rue, Red Gerard, Jason Robinson, Victor Daviet, Elias Elhardt, Dylan Alito, Bjorn Leines, Josh Dirksen, Toni Kerkelä, RK1, and Bear Mountain.

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