Pro Snowboarder Josh Dirksen Filmed His Full Video Part Without Leaving Home | Insight
With a dad like Dirksen, you know his daughter is going to be drawn to natural terrain. Josh with his family at Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Photo: Colin D Watt

Windlips in the Backyard

“My history is here, my style of riding, the mountains here explain why I ride the way I do,” says Josh Dirksen, referring to the Cascades that lies outside the window of Dirksen’s Bend, Oregon home. These volcanic ranges receive the brunt of any storm they lie in the path of. This means winds and precipitation continually shift the snowy landscape, sculpting lips, gullies and hips—a natural playground for those with the right eye. Dirksen spent his past season searching out this type of terrain—splitboarding, camping, and catching storms at the right time.

He filmed a full part for TransWorld SNOWboarding’s latest full-length movie, Insight, without getting on a plane or even leaving his home state. And Dirksen has earned the right to do so. He’s spent two decades as a pro snowboarder traveling the world. During much of that time his riding existed on the cutting edge of freestyle snowboarding. He’s won major contests, set height records, and filmed hammer parts with Mack Dawg and subsequently Robot Food.

Today, Dirksen has entered a new stage—one that can be appreciated by the most steadfast of snowboard purists and blossoming enthusiasts alike. No one can draw a line in the snow the way Josh can. If you’re looking for further proof, check out his full part in Insight, releasing November 1st on iTunes.

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Full movie available November 1, 2016 on iTunes and more.
There’s worse places to wake up. Dirksen's cozy camp site at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.Photo: Tyler Roemer

About Insight

Insight is a multifaceted project about the personalities and places that comprise it. Each rider involved was selected because of their quest: a unique desire to achieve an individual goal is what unites this eclectic collective. The title of the project is quite literal. The goal of Insight is to delve into the lives of those involved, exposing the particular motivations each has to strap in—be it atop a stairset, powder field or couloir. Featuring: Victor De Le Rue, Red Gerard, Jason Robinson, Victor Daviet, Elias Elhardt, Dylan Alito, Bjorn Leines, Josh Dirksen, Toni Kerkelä, RK1, and Bear Mountain.

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