Wildcat to Fakie Consuming Dionne Delesalle

This trick is the signature of The Wildcats, a newly formed clique who drink like pirates. This trick can be done off of a straight jump or in the pipe, and is fun either way. Here are a few tips for wen you find a good frontside wall in the pipe.

Approach the frontside wall with a good amount of speed. If you aren’t going fast enough you might hit you head on the lip, so speed up. Keeping your base flat on the snow will help you keep up your speed (if this doesn’t help, try wax).

At the top of the lip, look straight back behind you (as you throw your momentum up, out of the pipe) and reach down to grab backside. Make sure you don’t ollie too hard, because you might drift out into the flat-bottom.

Continue looking back, and you’ll be able to see where your landing is. (At this point you can either open up so you rotation slows down, or you can stay tucked up to speed your rotation up).

Land up at the top of the tranny, and get ready for the flat-bottom by staying low with your knees sucked up.