Tune Your Ride: For Flatground Tricks

Flatground tricks are not only fun to goof around with but are a great way to learn and practice the skills you need to get your shred on, and having your board tuned will enhance your ride even more.

As usual, waxing your board is the key. A nice, smooth glide will help your riding anywhere on the mountain. Studies have shown that waxing your stick helps you turn and glide 30--40 percent easier. If your ollies just don’t have the pop you want or your butters feel more like maple syrups, get out that wax iron and go to town. A rub-on wax will do in a pinch or in-between your hot waxes. You’ll get the speed you need to help your pop and prevent any sticky situations.

Your edges are important to think about as well. If your board has a full-wrap edge around the nose and tail, it’s there to protect your board from impacts. Since those parts of your board are turned up from the snow, they’re not used in turning, so it’s a good idea to round your edges with a file on the tip and tail to prevent them from catching--the last thing you want to happen in the middle of a nosepress is for your edge to hook and send you flying.

It’s pretty simple stuff to get your hot wax on and file down the tip and tail, but it’ll make a world of difference for your flatground tricks.