Switch Rodeo Involving Frank Screm

1. Approach the hit riding fakie, knees slightly bend, and with lots of speed.

2. Push off you heels to ollie, and start the rotation with your shoulders.

3. Let yourself float up in the air.

4. Grab as soon as you feel high enough.

5. Kick out your tail to stabilize yourself, and turn you head to lead the rotation.

6. Hold the grab as long as possible to keep your balance, while you turn your head to check for the landing.

7. Keep spinning, and focus on the exact spot where you want to land.

8. Your upper body should already be in a landing position as you let your legs finish the last 180

9. Prepare your legs and mind for the shock of landing on the flat, because you flew way too far.

10 Thank god for human shock absorbers.