Nosebone to Fakie Featuring Joe Curtes

1. Before you try this trick, get comfortable doing air to fakies wihout grabbing.

2. Approach you frontside wall going a little more straight up that you would for a normal frontside air. As you get to the lip of the pipe, spring off the wall and grab.

3. The angle of approach you take toward the wall is key to determining how much you float down the pipe. If you want to drift down the wall, angle that way. If you want to go more traight up and down–do just that.

4. As you start to descend back into the pipe, suck your legs up underneath your body, and land high on the wall–close to the lip.

5. Land flat-based and then carve fakie (on your toeside edge) to he next wall. This is a pretty basic manuever, but it;s a great setup for tricks on your next wall: fakie 720s, switch airs, pop tarts, cabs, or even Haakon flips.

6. Have fun.