Multiple Choice Backside 180 with Brandon Ruff

Brandon Ruff

Try your first backside 180 off of:

A.) a big cliff with a really flat landing.

B.) a triple-kinked 100-stair handrail.

C.) a jump you and your friends have been shreddin'.

D.) the goal posts at your high school football field.

You should go off the jump:

A.) sideways with your knees locked and your weight over your heel edge.

B.) straight, knees bent with your weight slightly over your toe edge.

C.) carving as hard as you can off the top, taking a chunk of the lip with you.

D.) with both feet unstrapped so you can do a Christ air.

After you go off the jump:

A.) slowly rotate backside until you reach a 180.

B.) jerk to 90 degrees, throw in a shifty, then jerk another 90 degrees.

C.) bonk the stump.

D.) yell like Mikey LeBlanc.

E.) both A and D.

When in the air, grab:

A.) method.

B.) tindy.

C.) Indy.

D.) tailfish.

E.) never B and D.

When you're about to land:

A.) close your eyes and hope to God you land.

B.) let go of your board, so don't land on your fingers.

C.) look for your landing and set her down.

D.) Wave at all the ladies.

E.) All of the above except for A.

If you don't land it your first time:

A.) Run home and cry to momma.

B.) Yell like Mikey LeBlanc.

C.) Get mad at yourself.

D.) Hike your bruised ass back up the hill.

E.) B and D.

Brandon is:

A.) A farmer from Kentucky.

B.) A non-Mormon dummy from Salt Lake City.

C.) A sheep herder from Milwaukee.

D.) The Devil.

Brandon's sponsors are Ride, Quiksilver, and NCM.

Answers: C, B, E, E, E, E, B.