Switch backside fives were difficult for me to comprehend at first. I had to just get in there and chuck it to get the motion and feeling for it. It’s been the hardest trick for me to learn so far.-Torah Bright

1. Before I even tried a switch backside rotation, I practiced doing switch backside airs. I got them solid and high before I tried any rotation. For the switch backside air, you need to mirror what you do for a normal backside air-mainly, weight distribution. You need most of your weight to be on your back foot like any normal air.

2. I then moved on to learning a switch backside 360. When riding into your switch backside wall, stay centered and solid on your board. You want your line to stay down the pipe wall. As you’re approaching the lip of the pipe, initiate the trick as you’re leaving the lip; pop and spin down the pipe and over your toes while also looking over your back shoulder. It doesn’t take much for a switch backside 360 to come round because you’ll want to get back to your normal stance anyway.

3. Once you have the switch backside 360 sweet, move on to adding the extra 180 rotation. It’s even more important to keep your line solid and down the pipe, and to make sure you’re riding all the way out before you initiate the switch backside 540.

4. As you’re approaching the lip, wind up, pop, and initiate as you’re leaving the lip.

5. Spin down the pipe and over your toes, looking over your back shoulder.

6. Grab with your front arm (seems to be the easiest for me), and keep looking around and seeing the trick through.

7. Spot your landing and … shazam-you just did a switch backside 540.

“The hardest part is committing and initiating.”